Weekly Call 23-06-2016


  • Thursday June 23rd, 16:00 UTC


  • Check the agenda and please add your own topics as well if you have something to share with us.

AirMozilla video

Weekly call details:


  1. London All Hands - @nukeador
  2. TechSpeakers Phase 2 - @havi
  3. About Mozilla Open Design - Tim Murray and @jgreenspan
  4. Public Policy Update

And your topic! - feel free to add it on etherpad

PS: As always we encourage you to add some shout outs! We have amazing reps doing amazing work! Let’s send them some #mozlove!

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Raw notes can be found here.


  1. Hi @HarshaBandaru. Here, from Hyderabad INDIA. its Rainy for us :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. Hi my name is @rayhan , and I am from Bangladesh. My summer plans are to reshape my local community and arrange a Cottected Device hackathon.
  3. Hi I’m Michael and I’m from Switzerland. My summer plans are to not to get too hot (it’s currently 32 degrees here)
  4. Hi I’m @Havi, and it’s my last day in Berlin where it’s also in the thirties… going back to temperate Calif tmrw, after I get done ‘announcing’ Tech Speakers Phase 2 tonight :slight_smile:
  5. Hi I’m @desh, and I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. My summer plans are to arrange TechTalks on “Web Standard” event and also some more events based on Tech Speaking. :DHi,
  6. I’m @helios from Tirana, Albania. I plan to relax this summer finally, no plans
  7. Konstantina from Athens, Greece where A/C and fan are my new favorite friends.(34 here) My summer plan is a greek island named Zakynthos
  8. Hi my name is @alex_lakatos , and I am in London, where it’s raining right now. My summer plans are a greek lady named K :). <3
  9. Hi my name is @Zaafouri and I am from Tunisia My summer plans are to… Hmm no plans yet !
  10. Hi my name is @TBJac , and I am from Ivory Coast. My summer plans are to mobilise my local community new commer and organise some meets to contriute on MDNHi
  11. I am Ioana from Cluj Napoca, Romania. I do not have summer plans yet ( beside work and volunteer)
  12. Hi, my name is @KaiRo , and I am Austria. My summer plans are to make a tour to Star Trek filming locations and the 50-year-anniversary Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas
  13. Hi, I’m @gapson from Slovenia. At this time I don’t have real summer plans.
  14. Hi, I’m @dinesh from India. My summer plans are to complete goals of sumo and l10n.
  15. Hi, I’m @jobaval10n from Romania. My Summer plans are to rock localization, tools and processes in Ljubljana.
  16. Hi, my name is @giannisk and I am connected from Samos, Greece; yeap, that’s an island (unfair Giannis ). My summer plans are not to stay on that island. :stuck_out_tongue:
  17. Hi, I’m Anis from Dhaka, Bangladesh
  18. Hi, my name is JB from Uganda
  19. Hi, I’m @rosana from Berlin. My summer plans are to swim swim swim
  20. Hi, I am Brian from Slovenia. My summer plans are to dodge the heat, take some holidays, and watch Rep. of Ireland win Euro 2016 :soccer:️ (Dreaming mighty big :D):ireland: :ireland::ireland::ireland::ireland::ireland::ireland::ireland::ireland::ireland: :ireland: :ireland: :ireland: :ireland:
  21. Hi, i’m @christophe From Paris in France. My summer plans are empty because i work :slight_smile:

Shout outs! Know some Reps who did an amazing work! Let’s share some #mozlove to them!

  • Franc who was making sure that we wouldn’t die in London
  • Mark who is always helping us here in airmo
  • Laka and Mozilla Romania for representing Mozilla in many events
  • Daniele S. is doing a tech conference talk in Palermo, Sicily tomorrow (ConfSL)
  • Elio for his great work as an Open Design spokesperson!

TOPIC 1 - All hands London - Nukeador

  • 1300 people meet :arrow_right:️ 100 volunteers :arrow_right:️ 3 buckets for participation sessions, Reps, Campus Campaign and Participation Software
  • Reps devoted most of their time working on Reps problem using human centre design
  • With this exercise we were able to see the full picture of the problem
  • Campus Campaign came up with a proposal about Mozilla in campuses
  • Participation Software Lab did work and info-gathering about Identity services and will present a plan soon - that integrates Mozillians.org in more powerful way
  • Innovation & CD: Ideation Skills Bldg workshop with 10 volunteers
  • Is the location of All-Hands December 2017 announced?
  • yes, San Francisco (that’s June 2017)
  • December WW will be in Hawaii
  • RELEVANT LINKS: L10n Results of the WW

TOPIC 2 - TechSpeakers Phase 2 - Havi

  • Application form will go live after this call. I will share the link at that time. We will announce the Phase 2 program in all the channels.
  • Application form will close at midnight PDT (GMT-7) on July 5.
  • This will be a ‘pilot’ of the Phase 2 program and it will happen quickly and intensively over the summer. This is for contributors who are working with developers and technical audiences in their communities and want to be more active in presenting and facilitating as Tech Evangelists.
  • There will be a “Recommendation letter” requirement. Please help your friends and community by completing recommendation letters quickly if asked and if you honestly think the person will benefit themselves and others. Please share your questions or route other question to Discourse. (I will post more info there asap/later today)
  • The program will be for 10 weeks :arrow_right:️ We want to empower more people to speak in local events
  • We are offering skills, materials and presentation :arrow_right:️ We will have the expert talks in airmo
  • Will the phase 2 be open for people that have already finished phase 1?
  • Opportunity to participate as a Labs facilitator working with the new Tech Speakers
  • A tentative schedule would be nice, if possible:
  • Yes, it would! :slight_smile: Coming quickly… Application opens today, closes July 4, midnight PDT, first masterclass is July 18. There will be 5 masterclasses, mostly on alternating weeks, they will be scheduled & recorded in PDT. We are locking down the schedule now. Summer Pilot will end week of Sept 5. Labs sessions will be scheduled in alternative weeks, scheduling and invites will be responsibility of the Labs facilitators. In some cases we will use alternatives to Vidyo, like Hangouts, or maybe even physical spaces.
  • Will TechSpeakers be focused on technical topic presentations?
  • Yes, primarily. This is a Developer Relations initiative to extend our influence and our message to technical communities worldwide. But if you are already talking to web designers and other web builders or technical advocates, you are also eligible to apply. If the audience you work with now is children, web beginners, consumers who are not technical, this is probably not the program for you.
  • Could the program material be available to others Mozillians, who will not be in program?
  • Yes, all the Masterclasses will be available publicly over Airmo, probably a week or two after they are first broadcast for the Pilot team. The methodology for doing Speaking practice with constructive feedback as a small group either in person or online is available for anyone to use and organize in your school, community, hackerspace, or office. There’s some info here: https://discourse.mozilla-community.org/t/next-steps-mozilla-tech-speakers-developer-events/6837 and on the wiki.
  • Any similarities to larger community speaking projects, like Toastmasters?
  • Well, yes and no. Our focus is on speaking, teaching, facilitating for developer, designer, web builder audiences. Toastmasters is a great resource for anyone who wants to do more public speaking - we are more focused on getting a message out that solves a problem for a technical person, and encourages them to work with Firefox, Mozilla, & the Open Web. In Toastmasters, there is more emphasis on the craft of public speaking (reducing “ums” in your presentation)
  • Only Mozilla technologies, right?
  • Firefox, Mozilla, & the Open Web (w/a technical focus). So, for instance speaking about what’s new in JavaScript, CSS, Rust are all great topics, not exclusively Mozilla. ) Also, “How to get started in Open Source by logging bugs to bugzilla” might be a powerful topic to present in your community. There is no “one size fits all”
  • meetup.com is a very interesting platform (not a question, just a shout-out!) Yes!
  • We are happy to support people who are designing meetups on technical topics of interest to Mozilla, Firefox and the Web, or just want to organize a meetup about Tech Speaking (ex: http://www.meetup.com/Tech-Speakers-London/)

TOPIC 3 - About Mozilla Open Design - Tim Murray and Janis Greenspan

  • We’re updating our brand identity using Mozilla open source principles, and we’d really like your thoughts. Our existing brand assets (wordmark, a few muted colors) aren’t adequate for communicating what Mozilla is in today’s world.
  • We’re currently in the Creative Strategy phase, and we welcome your ideas for directions Mozilla might explore to present itself anew to the world. We have 7 directions that we’re working through-- please visit our blog or medium channel and share your thoughts.
  • Updated video link here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xb8diasam0w
  • Discourse
  • Open Design Space
  • Medium
  • FastCodesing
  • Engadget

TOPIC 4 - Public Policy Update

TOPIC 5 - Council updates


  • Want to be a notetaker or chair the next call? Let us know here :slight_smile:
  • Firefox 48 Beta 3 Testday - 24th June 2016 Etherpad and QMO blog post for more details.
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Hi @Ioana,

I got buried into travelling and that’s why I unable to attend Project Call. Sorry for the inconvenience! I like the idea of Rep Next and would like to register for All-Hands December.
What’s the criteria of applying to this summit? Can I(Mozillian) participate into this Summit -> All-Hands December 2017?

Amit Kumar Jaiswal

Hey Amit.
The process for the next work week is not open ye. ( the previous one just finished) - Keep an eye open here on discourse around September when more details will be published.