Weekly Call 27-04- 2017 - Special Activate Call


(Konstantina Papadea) #1

Hello amazing Reps,

Today’s Call is a special one, it’s the Reps Special Activate Call!

AirMO video:


This is a weekly call with some of the Reps to discuss all matters about/affecting Reps and invite Reps to share their work with everyone.

Weekly call details:


  • TOPIC 1 - What's new with Activate
  • TOPIC 2 - Activate moments  

And your topic! - feel free to add it on etherpad

PS: As always we encourage you to add some shout outs! We have amazing reps doing amazing work! Let’s send them some #mozlove!

(Lasr21) #2

Meeting notes: https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/remo-call-27-04-17 …it took me awhile find it:stuck_out_tongue:

(Chiorean Ioana) #3

Raw notes can be found here.

ReMo Portal Event - If you attended this call or watched the AirMo recording, please mark yourself as an attendee here: https://reps.mozilla.org/e/remo-call-27-04-17/ (both reps or mozillians)


  1. My name is Sandeeo, my twitter handle :@ sandeep81910240 my favorite app is Gmaps
  2. My name is Konstantina, @ Konstantina_P and my favorite apps are taxibit and untappd
  3. My name is Shahbaz, @ mdsbzalam and my favorite app is Clash of Clans
  4. My name is Thiago Policena, @ thiagopolicena and my favorite app is Spotify
  5. My name is Vibhanshu Chaudhary | @ vibhanshu95 | SHAREit
  6. My name is Abhiram , @ abhi12ravi on Twitter and my favourite app is Duolingo <3
  7. My name is Harsha Bandaru , @ harsshhaa
  8. My name is George @ geroter and my favorite app is the FT progressive web app :slight_smile:
  9. My name is Umesh Agarwal @ umesh_agarwal1 and my favourite app is Lifelog :slight_smile:
  10. My name is Jayesh | @ jayeshk_r | My favorite app is Telegram
  11. My name is Srushtika, @ Srushtika
  12. My name is Po-chiang Chao (or Bob), | @ bobchao | favorite app: Medium
  13. My name is Bala Subramaniyan | @ balapandu222 | I love all Google product apps.
  14. My name is Rishu Goenka | @ RishuGoenka | Google Earth It takes me where ever i want :slight_smile:
  15. My name is Sierra, @ SimplxeSierra, my favorite mobile app is SNAPCHAT (you can follow me at sr_!
  16. My name is Kiki, @Rizki_Kelimutu, my fav app is Pocket
  17. My name is Emin Mastizada, @ em94mu, my fav app is Spotify
  18. My name is Prathamesh Chavan, @ pathfinderpc and my favourite mobile app is Instagram
  19. My Name is Viswaprasath, @ iamvp7, my fav app is Dominations
  20. My name is Akshit Sharma, @ Akshit_13 and my favorite app is Soundcloud.
  21. My name is Kumaresan.C.S, @ cskumaresan my favorite app Telegram
  22. My name is Muhammed Hasan Ahmed, @ im_mhasan, Favorite App is Firefox, it was finally released last week in v 53.0 in our local Urdu language :slight_smile:
  23. My name is Yuli @tuxxy
  24. My name is Abbackar Diomande , @abbackardiomand , My favorite mobile app is Instagram
  25. My name is Lavish, @lavish205, My favourite mobile app is Strava
  26. My name is Siddhartha Rao | @siddhartharao17 | my fav app mobile app is Telegram
  27. My name is Tshepo Tamajobe| my favourite app is Telegram

Know some Reps who did an amazing work! Let’s share some #mozlove to them! ( they will be tweeted after the meeting)

  • Shout out to all the amazing people that have contributed on the activate website: some of them Alex, Michel, Kiki, Ioana, Flaki, Dinesh, Wagnerward, Geraldo, Cynthia, avelper and many more +1000! <3<3 https://github.com/mozilla/activate.mozilla.community/graphs/contributors
  • Massive shout out to Viki who just stepped up big-time this week to volunteer as a Space Wrangler for the Decentralization space at MozFest ( Thanks <3)
  • to all the Activate mobilizers out there: Ikram, Biraj, Geraldo, Arturo, Daniele, Dinesh, Mijanur, Mehul, Bob, Bob Chao, Michael, Kumerasan, Abhiram and many more https://activate.mozilla.community/leaderboard/
  • to Paul (seburo ) for helping building the nightly activity -wo hu … <3

TOPIC 1 Shape where Mozilla is headed - George

Check your inboxes!!!
And read this – https://wiki.mozilla.org/Strategy/2017_Strategy_Projects_overview
Consider applying to be part of the Communities Advisory Group --> https://wiki.mozilla.org/Strategy/2017_Strategy_Projects_overview#Communities_Advisory_Group

Some of the most important stuff you can pay attention to:


  • What is the membership model?
  • What kind of people are we looking for for the Communities Advisory Group?
    • diverse kind of people.

TOPIC 2 Activate what is new? Konstantina

  • Check out this cool presentation.
  • Worry not if you’re not really technical but wanted to do MozActivate activities, you can collaborate with the nearest Tech Speaker

What’s new:

  • we have the feedback form now: centralized place to gather feedback about various activities we’re doing. +1
  • we have a new Tech Speaker activity
  • we have a prettier website
  • we have event guide


  • link to find local Tech Speakers ? Link

  • Discourse link for TS Category

    Think If I have conducted a workshop with 100 members, and I share the link with all of them to fill the feedback. How do I conclude weather they have really filled the feedback or not? some people may leave without filling it. Do we have any such way to track weather they have really filled or not?

TOPIC - 3 Here the news from some of the Activate rock stars

Bob Chao

  • Check his presentation. He shared some pretty cool tips to start a MozActivate activity.
  • Bob is based in Taipei and he mostly organized the MozActivate activities in Taipei Community Space. We’re doing activities around WebExtentions & WebVR.


  • WebVR activity wiki
  • WebVR India Contributors
  • Feedback:
    • The good stuff - we are focused on a few activities like Rust, WebVr, extensions, etc - so there is a standardization.
  • Things to improve:
    • What happens after an Activate event? Do we keep in touch with the participants? (there needs to be mechanisms for this) - HowWasIt form helps this, in a way
    • we aim that activate is a way to create communities so we want to help those people to become a community on the technology they are working or join the community
  • Follow up: How do we keep track of such communities and their progress?
    • Better tangible and measurable outcomes for Rust activity ( Rust, as you know cannot lead to commits/makes after just 1-2 days of workshop)
    • that’s so true, we are going to have the RainofRust events and change the activity based on them we will have feedback circles to change the events