Weekly Call 29-12-2016

Hello Reps,
today at 16:00 UTC is our final call for the year and it is dedicated to all the amazing work that the communities are being doing around the globe.

Communities that will share:

  • Serbia
  • Cote d’Ivoire
  • Nicaragua
  • Italy
  • Tunisia
  • Brazil

You can check the agenda and add your own topic too

Airmolink: https://air.mozilla.org/reps-weekly-meeting-dec-29-2016/

P.S As always don’t forget to share the amazing work that your fellow Reps have been doing with #mozlove

Raw notes here.

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ADD YOUR NAME, your TWITTER Handle aaaaaaaaannd one of your goals for 2017 is…

  1. Hi, my name is Mijanur ( @ mijanur_rayhan) and my 2017 goal is to graduate myself.
  2. Hi, my name is Geraldo (@ geraldobarros_) and my 2017 goal is participate at Mozilla Science Lab :slight_smile:
  3. Hi, my name is Cynthia @ cynthiazanoni and my 2017 goal is work to improve women in tech community in my country
  4. Hi, my name is Atique, @ atiqueahmedziad and my 2017 goal is to attend in university and learn RUST.
  5. Hi my name is Konstantina @ couci and my 2017 goal is to bike more and to imploment the Reps Resources training
  6. Hi my name is Christophe @ hellosct1 and my 2017 is to make a good Rep and the best cookies Firefox :slight_smile:
  7. Hi my name is Christos, @ bacharakis and one of my goals for 2017 is to read more books.
  8. Hi, my name is Gašper, @ GapsoNtm and my plan is to make 2017 the best ever :slight_smile:
  9. Hi my name is Luna, @ bittin and for goal for 2017 i will continue translate Firefox for iOS into Swedish and help at FOSDEM
  10. Hi my name is Irvin @ irvinfly and my goal for 2017 is going to some more countries
  11. Hi my name is Liv , @ Liv_oni and my goal for 2017 is Suprise! :wink:
  12. Hie, my name is Rishu Goenka , @ rishugoenka and my goal for 2017 is to be recognize by my community name
  13. Hi, my name is Trishul @ trishulgoel my 2017 goal is to explore remote parts of India :slight_smile:
  14. Hola! My name is Yuli @ tuxxy
  15. Hi, my Name is Viswaprasath @ iamvp7 my 2017 goal is to scale community 2x and bring More Mozilla Reps & FSA
  16. Hi,my name is Aka @ AkaBYannick my 2017 goal is to contributing in more mozilla Projects and host more technical events
  17. Hi, my name is Amine Zaafouri ( @ zaafouriFF ) , one of my goal for 2017 is to enjoy more contributing to Mozilla Projects
  18. Hi my name is Semirah (@ semirahd) one of my 2017 goals is to enable more Mozillians in North America & reignite/reboot the community
  19. Hi my name is Daniele (@ mte90net) one of my goals is to remember to configure better notifications on my calendar
  20. Hi, My name is Adriano and my goal to 2017 is to start a plan to make a Mozilla space in Brazil!
  21. Hi my name is Manuela and my goal to 2017 is empower more women in Mozilla and better organisation for
  22. Ram from Mozilla India :slight_smile:
  23. Hi , my name is Abbackar @ abbackardiomand and my goal is translate Firefox in NOUCHI "local langage from Cote d’Ivoire "
  24. Srushtika from India, @ Srushtika. What i’m hoping to achieve in 2017 is a secret :wink:
  25. Ajay Kumar Jogawath from India, @ AjayKJogawath
  26. Ioana @ ioana_cis

Shout outs!
Know some Reps who did an amazing work! Let’s share some #mozlove to them! ( they will be tweeted after the meeting)

  • to Ram for being the rep of the month
  • to Ioana for uploading all the meeting notes
  • to Daniele and VP7 for all the insightful feedback at the Resources track
  • Review team for reducing the budget process time by 30% in the last 3 months!

TOPIC 1 - Mozilla Italia - Daniele & Edoardo

TOPIC 2 - Mozilla Brazil - Geraldo Barros

  • How many people are in your community?
  • 41 Mozillians
  • 11 Reps
  • What you achieved as a community that you’re most proud of?
  • Community Gathering
  • Functional teams growing
  • New Reps and Participation Leaders
  • Conflict Resolution Council
  • New onboarding (building and testing)
  • Do you have plans for 2017?
  • Build and growth of functional teams
  • Launch of Community Participation Guidelines in our language
  • mprovement of onboarding
  • Mozilla Activate campaign growth,
  • Mozilla Brasil page at Yearbook: https://goo.gl/2jyFTP

TOPIC 3 - Mozilla Tunisia - Amine Zaafouri

  • How many people are in your community?
  • Kernel : 8
  • Active Members : 25
  • Members : 70
  • 8 Reps / 22 Mozillians / 2 tech speakers
  • What you achieved as a community that you’re most proud of?
  • " Recruiting or inviting " many awsome members to join our community
  • Our participation in the SFD Tunisia 2016 with 4 talks from 10 and a booth
  • Participation in regional and international events
  • Do you have plans for 2017?
  • Discussions about
  • teams ( Active compaign or old teams )
  • move from a team to another
  • Meetings in the few weeks

TOPIC 4 - Mozilla Cote D’Ivoire - Abbackar DIOMANDE

  • How many people are in your community?
  • 30 Mozillians
  • 6 Reps
  • 1 Techspeaker
  • 1 Regional Coach
  • 1 Regional local Coach
  • What you achieved as a community that you’re most proud of?
  • Creation of the localization project local language from Cote d’Ivoire (NOUCHI)
  • Recruiting new awesome members
  • Organising our local community meet-up (Community gathering)
  • Creation of SUMO, CI Community
  • SUMO hackathon
  • Cp-organisation, participation to set a stall at Voluntary Day and give a talk about mozactivate campaign
  • Inviting a Mozilla Tech- speaker from Tunisia (Amine) to give a talk at Volunteering Day ( Event link: https://reps.mozilla.org/e/voluntary-day-third-edition/)
  • Do you have plans for 2017?
  • Localise Firefox in nouchi ( Ivorian local language )
  • Have a team in many areas Mozilla Contribution
  • Have more impact in all Cote d’Ivoire
  • Mozilla Activate campaign growth,
  • Creating a conflict resolution council
  • Empower 250 women to web literacy and training about Test pilot at the end of January 2017 (IT girls project partnership with AIESEC Côte d’Ivoire)
  • YearBook MOZILLA Cote d’Ivoire herehttps://goo.gl/2jyFTP

Topic 5: Mozilla Sweden – Luna Jernberg

TOPIC 6 : In 2016, what are you most proud of?
(Name/community - what did you do or your community and you are proud of in 2016?)

  • Slovenia-Gasper: we had 3 maker parties and it was a good starting point
  • Mozilla Clubs and Mozilla Campus Clubs in Italy
  • MozTW, we run Taipei community space pretty well in 2016. Total 179 events hosted in space from Apr to Nov, including 86 dev-rels. There are meetup, speak and workshops from Mozilla and other OSS communities. And we had introduced Mozilla to 538 new visitors.
  • Mozilla India community is proud of WebVR India group (github.com/webvr-india). More info about our growth on https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/WebVR_India_Grow_WebVR.
  • Mozilla North American community: proud of gathering Mozillians and having regular community meetings to define 2017 goals - Semirah :slight_smile:
  • Srushtika: Became a rep. Proud of being a contributor to the WebVR india group !Super proud of having Konstantina as my mentor ! :smiley: <3 :slight_smile: (Y)

NON-VERBAL UPDATES (ie: you can’t attend but want to share something)

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