Weekly meeting Tuesday June 21th 2016

Hi B2Geeks ! :slight_smile:

A quick reminder for the weekly meeting starting tomorrow at 16:00 UTC.
All the instructions and link the Vidyo room and meeting notes are here: https://wiki.mozilla.org/B2G/Meeting.

As always, everybody is welcome to attend and participate :slight_smile:

See you there ! :wink:


A question that we forgot to ask after a previous meeting: are you happy with the meeting time ?

I would like to know who here can not attend because of the current meeting time (with some explanation if you want, like timezone issue), and also who is able to attend at this time.
The goal is to know if both are balancing well, or if a lot of people are not able to attend - in that case we could think about changing it.

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On my side this meeting is timing is not possible because of time zone it will 1AM for me.
At least it could work on Friday/Saturday/Sunday but not during week day.


For me, the metting’s at 6 PM, right when I get ouf of work. It would be good for me if it was at least 1 hour later.

I could attend the meeting if it was between 17:00 and 04:00 UTC on week days. I don’t mind being up late at night once a week …
Anytime on weekends :slight_smile:

same for me, +>1h/+<6h
or friday/saturday/sunday antime…

As replied on Telegram already, I wouldn’t be able to attend workdays at the given time. It translates to 6p.m. local time (CEST). Because I’ve kids I cannot boot my laptop before 8p.m. (better 9p.m.).

On weekend I think I can manage to attend at a wider time range - but I need to know it a day or two in advance (planning of spare time with family, you know).

The meeting is at 2AM my time. I think it’s always going to be inconvenient for someone though.

I can’t make any Tue meetings at the current time. About three hours later would work for me.

Alex Slack

I’m in the same situation as Ryuno-Ki during workdays

Following a suggestion regarding this orga i gave try with doodle but it doesn’t really fit here see some testing

Let me know if you like the Admin link i can send them over.


Use OpenSondage, it’s free :smiley:

Well, as said in the meeting, first we need to identify any problem, and if a majority of us are blocked.

If there is a problem, we will think about a solution.

Right now, people are saying it’s blocking (thanks ;)) but we still have a few answers compared to the number of contributors, and not the positive ones (which are important to understand where is the balance)

Just to let you know I’m on holiday next week so won’t be able to make the weekly meeting so somebody else will need to host :slight_smile:

I cannot estimate my availability for August and September, yet.

I’ll tackle this :wink: