Weekly meeting Tuesday September 20th 2016

(Krz37) #1

Hi B2Geeks ! :slight_smile:

A quick reminder for the weekly meeting starting on Tuesday at 16:00 UTC / 9:00 PST.
/!\ This week we are testing a NEW service for the meetings, the link will be the following : https://huit.re/b2g_os_weekly_meeting /!\
Pad: https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/b2g-weekly-meeting
All the instructions and link the Vroom room and meeting notes are here: https://wiki.mozilla.org/B2G/Meeting.

As always, everybody is welcome to attend and participate :slight_smile:

See you there ! :wink:

(Lapineige) #2

I think we can share this announcement on the mailing-list + IRC + Telegram to be sure everyone get notified.

I hope Vroom will be working fine for everyone. It’s cool to have free software, available without any installation :slight_smile:
I see there is a pad linked to the sessions - but I’d say that we should keep the current one - it’s comfortable for everyone and avoid creating more confusion :wink:

(Sai Karthik) #3


This link is broken :frowning:

(simon g) #4

Maybe be because it’s not used yet …
I think it’s just a name of a place, you can open and close the place . If nobody is on this place it disapear and you can create it again later …

(Sai Karthik) #5

Can you try contact the owners of that website & tell them to reserve the room name b2gos for our project so that we can use it frequently :slight_smile:

(Krz37) #6

You can reserve it by setting a password but I did not do it yet to make it simple for the first meeting


Maybe its intentionaly, but just to let the Testers now that something gone wrong…

(simon g) #8

It seems normal, you ask for b2g_os_weekly_meeting, there is an “error” because it expire due to there is nobody on this place, so, it isn’t exist , and you can open the place again :wink:
I think everyone can open the place as an open place ( and it isn’t important who will do it )

(Krz37) #9

The Vroom experiment was not the best so for now we should stick to Vidyo

(Luca) #10

Not so much time ago, @lapineige suggested Jitsi meeting … we can try it for next meeting!

(Krz37) #11

I am afraid that trying it right at the next meeting might be too much annoyance for people. I tried all the solutions 1-1 with a friend and Jitsi was a bit buggy. But I would say that at the moment https://hubl.in is worth considering for later.

(Lapineige) #12

I completely agree. We could try it another time, like for the documentation meeting.