Weekly Update # 4 - Aug 23, 2019

Hello Everyone,

This is the fourth update for the Community Portal and we’re very excited to share that it’s coming directly from the Playground team.

Hi everyone, Dave here. It’s been a fun week collaborating with the team. We’ve been working with a variety of teams to finalize the wireframes, get feedback, and find out how to best integrate communication tools like Discourse into the experience.

We are currently building out the core of the experience and will be setting up a staging server to accompany the Github repo so everyone can see how things are progressing. Soon we’ll be sharing links to high fidelity design work in progress for the team, you can follow along with our work using this link

Thanks to everyone for following along.

Question of the week:

The MDM team would love to know how you use and interact with email for your current community activities, like Discourse, events, and your group.


For some platforms and purposes, I have triggers that will send me an email, but beyond that, I tend to be in the platforms enough that I do not need to worry about missing anything.

It would be handy for this new portal to give me the ability to set email triggers myself based on things I may be interested in.

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