Weeks of Contribution - Week 1

(Viswaprasath) #1

Dear All,

We have started Weeks of Contribution, where contributors teach new contributors in our region to bring strong contributor base. Successfully we have finished the first week last Friday.

So to have a quick recap of what we had on 5th June

Mozilla Location Services
We are going to run a contest on MLS. Any one can participate.

It is going to be 2 month event. Till July 31st we will be collecting the
points in Mozilla Stumbler and winner will be decided based on the
highest point scored.

For helping first time contributors for MLS service, here is a blog post.

Download Links

Signup form for MLS contest.

So we have Facebook Events: https://www.facebook.com/events/1591582324431662/

Contest runs from 5th June till 31st July. The reports uploaded by you in the Location services will be converted to scores and it will be calculated for giving prizes.

Creative Contest
Mozilla Tamilnadu is newly formed and becoming very active nowadays, there is a
need for lot of creative assets to post in social Media.

Highest priority is as of now given to Logo. So we want logo to use in Facebook
page, Google+ page, Twitter, Telegram and other social Media place we
are engaged.

Last date for submitting entries is June 25th.
All entries will be posted in Facebook page, so public can view and give
their votes. And also Judges will be helping in deciding the best

Use Style Guide
Use Assets

All entries should be sent to mozchennai [at] gmail [dot] comMust be atleast 512 px X 512 px

Facebook Event : https://www.facebook.com/events/1596492837255786/
Slide which is used for last presentation and youtube video which is created by Google Hangouts on Air.

Firefox Yeah
It is global run contest you can find information at https://foxyeah.mozilla.org/
In this many contributors are filling Social Media with meme’s.

We love to hear your thoughts as blogposts, tweets. Share your blogpost so we can share it with our Community members.

Next week (on 12th June 2015) we are going to discuss about Localization

Stay tuned for more updates.

Thank you

(Rubén Martín) #2

Great work @VP7

Can you edit your post to include at least two photos of the event so I can share on Reps Social Media channels? :wink:


(Viswaprasath) #3

@nukeador It is totally online session. Shall I include the screenshots.

Thank you