Weird behavior between temporary and signed extension

Hi all,

I’m the developer of LocalCDN, a fork of Decentraleyes. I’ve recognized a very strange behaviour between the temporary extension and the signed extension. The temporary extension is working fine, but the signed extension is making problems. When I download the signed extension, unpack it and load it as temporary extension, it’s also working fine. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

LocalCDN should replace JavaScript, CSS and Font Awesome (delivered by CDNs (Content Delivery Networks)) with an local file of that.

In both cases (temporary and signed extension) the JavaScript part is working fine, but CSS and Font Awesome are only working as temporary extension.

The really weird part: When I’m using the signed extension and open an URL like, the extension is going forward correctly to moz-extension://480db707-1428-4794-99ca-66709d1a464f/resources/bootstrap.css/3.3.7/bootstrap.min.cssm.

Summary: The replacement of JavaScript files is working fine in both situations, but not with CSS and Font Awesome.

Can anyone explain this? :roll_eyes:

I wonder then, do you use getURL everywhere you refer to a file within your extension? In theory temporary extensions also have random UUIDs, however this sounds like an id-specific issue.

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Thanks for your reply. I found the solution a few hours ago and forgot to update my question. You’re right. Now it works fine :smile: