Welcome Francesca Minelli

Hello amazing Reps,

I would like to officially introduce you to Francesca Minelli ( @fminelli), our new community manager in the Open Innovation team.

Francesca comes with a background on working with different diverse communities around the world and she also has a Ph.D. in sociology. As @kelimuttu has moved to support the amazing SUMO community, Francesca will fill in that role by helping us with the MDM campaign initiative, volunteer resources distribution and with the MDM communities.

Welcome Francesca :slight_smile:


Welcome Francesca Minelli

Thanks @couci and @davidgb1!

I am very happy to start working with the reps community and I look forward to supporting the amazing work you do!

Welcome to the Community Francesca!

Welcome! Looking forward to work with you!

Hi @fminelli. Welcome to Mozilla and the contributor community.

Thank you everyone! :blush:

Welcome to the community @fminelli

Thank you very much :blush:

Hi @fminelli,

welcome to the Mozilla Community. It is an honor to serve on your side.

Best regards,

Thanks Henrik! I am very happy to join this community!

Francesca! So happy to see you around and glad you are joining us! Can’t wait to start working together and till then, let us know how to better assist you while you ramp up!

Thank you very much Ioana!

Welcome, @fminelli. Looking forward to working with you to push the Mozilla mission forward. Cheers !!!

Thank you very much! I am looking forward to work with all of you!

Welcome @fminelli

Looking forward to working with you.

Thank you very much!