What about casting content from IP Camera to somewhere else?

Lately I was thinking about live casting content to some more convenient place:

  • A bigger screen to observe more details;
  • A bigger screen to watch several streams simultaneously (ala security monitor);
  • Louder speaker if you care only about sound (baby crying or whatever);

I have a Chromecast at my disposal so obviously my first candidate was Google Cast protocol [1] and as per [2] this protocol is natively supported by a bunch of interesting things:

  • Chromecast (works with almost any HDMI capable monitor or TV);
  • Chromecast Audio (works with various speakers from Sony, Vizio, LG etc.);
  • Google Home;
  • Nvidia Shield;
  • Razer Forge TV;
  • TVs with Android TV inside (eg. Vizio or Sony Bravia latest models);
  • Bang and Olufsen multi room speakers;
  • And more to come…

What do you think?

Does it sound like something we’d like to have (short or long term)?

P.S. And you probably remember my toy demo where IP cam stream has been redirected to my monitor via Chromecast Foxbox adapter supported by Rust chromecase-link lib [3], [4] :slight_smile:

[1] https://developers.google.com/cast/
[2] http://www.techradar.com/news/television/these-are-all-the-products-that-work-with-google-cast-1291053
[3] https://github.com/azasypkin/chromecast-link
[4] https://github.com/azasypkin/chromecast-link-tool

What’s the use case? Using this from the home network (straight from the foxbox/camera and to the chromecast) or from a remote smart device?

I was mostly thinking about the foxbox/camera-or-mic-baked-by-foxbox (I’ll call it just “smart device” for the simplicity) inside the home/corporate network. So that smart device can kind of amplify video/audio signal via redirecting it to something with a bigger screen or louder speaker automagically (eg. if smart device sees something interesting in a bed room —> cast it to my TV in the living room (and interrupt that loud film with something more important :)), if it hears anything interesting outside ----> cast it to my loud speaker inside).

If simplify I’m trying to understand if we can/want use the right tool for the job, that does media streaming job better than anything else (big screens for video where details are crucial, loud speaker for the sound) :slight_smile:

Theoretically it can also work outside of the home network (device that casts/amplifies usually just needs a media URL that it can access).

I can imagine that viewing several streams or even just one on your phone isn’t the best experience. Laptop would be better, but you also don’t have it turned on all the time…

Also some devices (like IP cams) can’t be accessed directly without authentication/authorization, that means a dumb TV or even Chromecast (iirc you can’t even stream the media that is protected by basic HTTP auth) can’t stream directly from that devices. So you need something in the middle that will do security things for you (like in my demo foxbox paired with D-Link camera and provided temporary URL that has been consumed by Chromecast).