What is the procedure for using a Foxfood device for verifying bugs?

(Justin Potts) #1

Now that many people have a Foxfood device, it makes sense that more and more people will be filing bugs pertaining to Firefox OS. What is the procedure for identifying and confirming these bugs? For example, what sets bug 1169922 apart from another bug filed from a Flame device on a different build?

My thought is that doing exploratory testing and attempting to reproduce these bugs would yield different results than what another person’s testing may produce on a different build and device. In the bug above, I cannot reproduce his issue, but who’s to say someone else can’t on a different platform?

(Justin Potts) #2

So after talking with some people, it looks like a whiteboard tag [bzlite], and a QA whiteboard tag [foxfood-triage] will be present, which is an indicator they have used the Bugzilla Lite app on the Foxfooding device.

(Nhirata) #3

That’s a valid concern that we have. Within the bugzilla lite tool, I had
express this concern along with Jean Gong in
https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1149012. Having said that, we
were worried about privacy concerns + crossplatform so it was dropped from
reporting from within bugzilla lite.

We do have a tool to identify the gecko.gaia commits for a build:

We usually include this information in the bug. whiteboard take to include
bzlite and foxfood-triage are tags that we used for bugs that are coming in
from the foxfood/bzlite.

We also do need to know which platform they are testing on, so that we can
separate device specific issues from gecko/gaia issues.

(Chiorean Ioana) #4

I think many foxfooders already use [foxfood] also in the whiteboard