What, When, Where?

(Mike Daniel-Keehn) #1

I love what Test Pilot is doing… but I really miss my Page Shot! When will it be available? Or, have I missed it’s release somewhere???:heart_eyes::grinning::heart_eyes:

(Meteor) #2

You can enable it mannually.

(Mike Daniel-Keehn) #3

Thanks, meteor! I really appreciate the info.

(Thomaseisaac) #4

I have foxfire 55.3 and i see no screenshots icon
I think all of the help section should be updated

(Mike Daniel-Keehn) #5

thomaseisaac … I have 55.0.3 64 bit. Follow meteor’s instructions and the icon will show up. But, you are right, there should be instructions posted… I’m sure they will get to it though!