What's the best phone to get for future B2G?

I know that a lot is up in the air for B2G right now, but I currently use it on my daily device (Nexus 5) and would like to keep doing so with whatever the next incarnation of B2G is.

The power button on my Nexus 5 is starting to wear out. What’s the best choice for a phone that’ll work with B2G going forward? Another Nexus 5, a Sony device, or something else?

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I think it could be the fairphone, because you can easily buy parts to repair it. So it will have a long life time.

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I was really hoping to get a Fairphone, but after checking their forums, I’ve learned that it doesn’t support the frequencies most commonly used in the US. It won’t get better than 2G connections here, and in some places can’t get service at all.