What's with the reverse DNS requests?

(Parkerhasmail) #1

I didn’t notice it for a while but it was only after restarting my iot pi that it was making a TON of rDNS requests. Has anyone else had this happen to them? What caused it? Where can I find logs so I can investigate this further?

(Michael Stegeman) #2

I’m not entirely sure. It could be caused by PageKite, which is what we use to set up tunnels.

(Parkerhasmail) #3

I’ll plug it in again and screenshot the domains it’s trying to hit. I’ll also try to grab the logs.

(Parkerhasmail) #4

They’re all pointer requests, here are a couple of them:

Here are the log files from today(3-11) when I plugged the device back in, and from last Friday (3-8) when it was making far more requests.


(Michael Stegeman) #5

Those are all reverse DNS requests for the local network, 192.168.0.X addresses. It may actually be due to a recent change in the Wake-on-LAN adapter. It now tries to map IP addresses to hostnames. The commit is here.

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(Martin Giger) #6

If that’s the case disabling the “pinging” setting in the add-on options should actually prevent all these requests, since the arp table won’t be rebuilt every 30 seconds.

The implementation could probably also be enhanced to use a “lazy” arp table refresh approach, where the adapter only re-requests the arp table whenever it can’t ping a device under the cached IP for the mac. This should however ensure, that the result from the ping still logs a matching host name etc.

(Parkerhasmail) #7

Disabling pinging seemed to have resolved this issue.