Where Should I Start?

(Brad Berger) #1

Hey guys, just got the Flatfish tablet a little while ago, and successfully flashed the bootloader, built the latest images from source, and all of that. Good stuff.

I’m excited to help out. My question is this: in what areas is help most needed? How should I get started contributing? I work with HTML5/JS on a daily basis, along with a variety of other languages, Git, devops, etc, so I’m willing to jump in anywhere you recommend!


(Steve Lee) #2

Depends on your interest, but have a look through the FirefoxOS bugs in Bugzilla

(Asa Dotzler) #3

The TCP Coordinators are working on a “kick off” email that will share some great ways to start contributing. Expect that email real soon now. The most important thing is to get on a recent build because any bug reporting or fixing on the build that shipped on the tablets may not be useful to us.

(Brad Berger) #4

That sounds great. Will be looking forward to that email!

Sure, it makes sense that will need the latest builds. I’m pretty much building it every day that I use the tablet (it’s kind of fun actually) so that’s not an issue. The only thing that would make it easier was if the build process could somehow save the user settings - my sync login, wi-fi passwords, etc. May it does and I’m just not doing something right?

(Steve Lee) #5

I think the builds we provide reset the userdata as sometimes updates can cause problems if this is not done (ie data is out of sync with what the OS/apps expect).