Where to port next?

Hello FxOS Porters,

We are planning an FxOS porting session in Berlin sometime in
April. The problem is, we have not yet decided what to port it to. Some
suggestions I’ve heard so far are BeagleBoard or ODroid, but I wanted to
see if anyone here has any suggestions.


TV: Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Nexus Player, X-box, Playstation
Phones: Moto E, G, X
Other: intel notebooks


Nexus Player is already ongoing :). Motorola devices are some I keep an eye on, and with some things that are currently on hold we could get them quite easily.

For notebooks, Pierre-Éric from Phoxygen started some hacking!

Old slow phones like HTC Wildfire. They can still be used with the right OS. :wink:

If there is a CyanogenMod 12.1 port available, then this is something workable. However, old hardware might be tricky to get working properly those days :confused:

Nope, only CM 7. It’s very old and slow phone… But FxOS if created for slow phones, or not? :slight_smile:

Existing FxOS phones with no code name :stuck_out_tongue:

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It would be great to have update for alcatel 6015X since it’s already in 2.0


I think I saw someone speaking about contributing that on dev-fxos list :slight_smile:

I too wished I could have at least a copy paste function on my Alcatel One Touch Fire E (6015X)!

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¡Hola @mhenretty!

I’m late to the party :frowning:

I’ve just recently unboxed the Fx0 (madai) that @gueroJeff so kindly smuggled across the Río Grande for me :smiley:

At USD$55 a pop in Amazon, I’m shocked it is not ported yet.

How do I start?


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Hi Alex,

Unfortunately, we never did builds for the Madai, that was handled by KDDI
I believe. But, Felix knows where you can get Fx0 builds from since he uses
it as his main phone.

Felix, can you share your knowledge of the Fx0 builds?


@alex_mayorga also, in case you haven’t seen this yet:

Look at the Fx0 subreddit, especially at the thread about the Japanese
firmware. Reddit user “cutol” is trying to port CyanogenMod. Would be
really nice to have B2G Transition on the device.

Dipl.-Phys. Felix E. Klee

@alex_mayorga, @mhenretty may I ask you if is there any news on Fx0 (madai) port?

Well, as you can see in the fx0 subreddit, CyanogenMod has been successfully ported to the device. You may try porting B2G Transition on top of that. If you are in Berlin by chance, then we could try doing that at one of the Open Mozilla Nights.

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IMHO where to port next should be on anything that runs at least M and N. Sony AOSP-based devices do (even though N is still preliminary), but that requires Gonk/Gecko level work. Any help would be welcome …

I know it doesn’t seem to be a goal here but I feel sad for my Alcatel Fire E. Does anyone knows the difficulties with it? (also why does it need a separate custpack.img?) I managed to install the FFOS 2.6 on it from this ressource, trying to understand for starters how it was working before I can manage to build. But I’d like to go further. Someone said on IRC it’s probably a waste of time but I feel it is not if we manage to run on older phones (actually not that old), which come cheaper and are actually smaller (which I like). It also seems possible to build the 6014 android 4.3/4.4 on it… (I didn’t try) so would it be possible to start from there or is there a major difference of architecture that would mean using latest gecko/gaia would not be feasible?

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Perhaps @penserbjorne could help there.

He used to maintain http://mexmod.com/download_otf.html which sadly has gone missing now.

2011 Sony Xperia msm7x30 devices.

No, seriously. An extremely dedicated community has kept these devices alive through CM11, CM12, CM13, and even LineageOS.