Where's the RTCPeerConnection Content?

(Jmedley) #1

I was trying to do an update to the Web RTC’s RTCPeerConnection interface. I noticed that the getConfiguration() method is missing from the interface page. When I went to edit the page, I found that it’s contents seem to be imported. I can’t figure out where to do to fix the problem.

Please point me in the right direction so that I can update the interface page.


(Chris Mills) #2

Hey Joe,

Did you figure this out?

seems to be OK.

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(Jmedley) #3


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If an API’s not documented it doesn’t exist.

(Chris Mills) #4

Oh, I see what you mean now. Hrm, I’ve not come across this macro before, and am not sure how it works.

@sheppy might have an idea.

(Jmedley) #5

So @sheppy, any thoughts?

(Eric Shepherd) #6

Yeah, sorry, I don’t have notifications enabled here yet – I’ll fix that now.

{{InterfaceOverview}} is a new macro I have been working on that automatically builds the meat of an API’s overview page. WebRTC is my test platform for it.

The problem is that getConfiguration() isn’t tagged properly. Since it’s missing the “Method” tag, it doesn’t show up in the method list. I’ve added that now (along with a couple of other missing tags).

Basically, the macro goes through the subpages of the interface and builds out the Constructor section (pages tagged “Constructor”), Properties section (pages tagged “Property”), Event handlers (tagged “Event Handler”), and Methods (tagged “Method”). Sections that don’t have any matches get italicized text explaining that – and if they are based on another interface or interfaces, those are mentioned and IIRC linked to.

Hope this info helps!

(Jmedley) #7

I have a follow up question. How long is it after I update a page before the macro runs again?

(Eric Shepherd) #8

Macros don’t automatically run again. You’ll need to force it by doing a shift-refresh of the page. That tells the server to rerun all macros and recache the page.

Pages that are expected to change fairly regularly (landing pages, generally) can be configured to automatically rerender on a schedule, but we try to reserve this for pages like that.

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