Why all external links goes through "https://outgoing.prod.mozaws.net/" proxy?

When I hover over the homepage link for some addon (or any other link in the description), I want to see the target link in the statusbar, but instead I see this ugly link.

What is the reason for this?
For sure there are better ways to track clicks than this.

Hey @juraj.masiar! This is a good question. This is for security, not tracking. It warns users if the link goes to an external .xpi.

Here’s a screenshot of what happens when the link goes to an external .xpi. You get sent to intermediary page with a warning (although we noticed it’s very hard to read when the redirect happens quickly):

If it’s helpful, the “real” URL on AMO should show as a tooltip if you hover over the link for a few seconds.

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But I wonder, is it still relevant? Only Mozilla signed addons can be installed now, right?

Or is this about some phishing / social engineering?

PS: the redirect page is not readable on my PC at all, it feels like it’s going directly to target page.