Why am I getting "substring undefined" as an error?

Is there something I’m missing in how I wrote my code to create a blog with a DB? My blog already has posts read from a DB so I don’t get why they aren’t displayed.

TypeError: C:\Users\user\Desktop\projects\Cornell_Style_Note_Taker\Blog-With-Database-final\views\home.ejs:13


13| <%=post.content.substring(0, 100) + " …"%>
15| Read More

Cannot read property ‘substring’ of undefined

welcome back ayanda

which blog you use or do you mean you create your own blog app and which programing language you use

Thanks, @justsomeone i am focusing o specializing with js so node. I managed to figure this issue out.

I needed value to be rendered by ejs to fix it… i am now just struggling with making the search functionality happen but i think i need to stick to my study path and revise the basics again haha…

you very welcome and good luck :slight_smile:

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