Wiki admin anyone?

(Spike) #1

For the last few months there has been a marked lack of support for the wiki. This has included a number of possibly important bugs ( going unanswered and updates stalling

I deal with request for new accounts and requests for page deletions and monitor for bugs that I can deal with but that is about as far as it goes.

Can anyone please tell me who ‘owns’ the wiki?


(Yousef Alam) #2

I believe it’s @CaptainCalliope who owns the wiki currently, he might be able to help.

(Spike) #3

Thanks @yousef!

Is the wiki part of the the ‘Participation Systems’ estate, cause it tends to be not mentioned much.

(Henrik Mitsch) #4

Hi @Spike1,

sorry for the late answer.

No, the Wiki is not part of the Participation Systems properties.

The best way to identify potential Wiki owners is probably by reviewing the names listed on its module entry:

The last time I had an issue with the Wiki, @CaptainCalliope was able to help me very quickly.

Best regards,

(Spike) #5

Thank you @hmitsch ,
I know that Lyre is was module peer as the owner is no longer involved. I was more trying to find where it fits in the overall scheme of things.
My main problem will be solved soon though.

(Henrik Mitsch) #6

Hi @Spike1,

What is your main problem and how/who will it get solved?

@george and I also have had this conversation in the past. Very interesting question. Where would you see it fit?

Best regards,

(Spike) #7

Hello @hmitsch ,
The main problem was that there were a lot of bugs getting ignored on bugzilla - some were regarding wiki content (that I could deal with) but others were to do with infrastructure that I had no way of addressing - and nobody else seemed to be able to fix either.

The recent post to the governance email list by Mike Hoye resolves some of my concerns:

I am proposing a change to the ownership of the Mozilla Wiki module. (, wikimo)

The current module owner and peers of wikimo have not been active participants in the Mozilla project for some time; I and small number of volunteers with existing privileges have been doing sporadic maintenance and account-approval work, but we don’t have the access or authority required to make significant administrative or policy decisions.

I propose that I take over as module owner, and longtime contributor and Mozillian Chris Foote, better known as Spike, become a module peer. Existing module leadership will be moved to “emeritus” status.