WILTW: Daily Standup in Hubs

(Henrik Mitsch) #1

From the WILTW department (What I Learned This Week).

Today, the #participationsystems team held their Daily Standup in Mozilla Hubs.

What is Mozilla Hubs?

Hubs is a new way to get together online within Mixed Reality, right in your browser.


  • Remark: All of us connected sitting at their office desks, using their laptops, and plugged in their headphones.
  • The standup took about 20 minutes.
  • We have an average ROTI of 3.4 (out of 5).


The overall VR/MR experience was qualified as:

  • fun (almost everybody said that)
  • interesting
  • not very practical

Audio experience: We saw that people were walking up to other people to hear them better. We also turned avatars to get sound on both headphones . All this might feel awkward at first on a laptop but probably works very well when wearing a headset.

We met in the castle, which is quite a walk from the spot where the avatar is initially placed. So if people need to reload (connection broken, inadvertently used the browser back swipe), they also need to re-walk to the rendezvous point.

Feature requests

  • Features to convey sentiment would be very helpful (e.g. show a thumbs-up).
  • It would be great to personalize our avatars.
  • We miss seeing everyone’s faces (compared to Vidyo).


We will run a Hubs standup again, but not on a daily basis.

Organise Reps Weekly calls in Mozilla Hubs
(larsberg) #2

Thank you for experimenting with Hubs for your standup!

If it’s possible, can you describe a little bit of could help make it more practical and useful for your standups? e.g., was it that the space (castle) was bad? Or that it’s hard to “collect” avatars into a circle/group for the meeting? Or that some of the collaboration materials you typically use could not be shared? Would love to learn more!

(Henrik Mitsch) #3

These are the ideas that come into mind:

  • In Vidyo standups we regularly use :+1: or nod heads to signal agreements. We also use funny faces to express surprise, fun, etc. We are missing an equivalent functionality in Hubs.
  • We don’t share lots of media during our Vidyo standups. So it was actually nice to see the simple upload (pasting) of images work in Hubs.
  • The castle was a great space for the standup. It was big enough for the 6 of us. Initially we were meeting by the bridge, but the open space was difficult to handle for us.
  • We grouped into the circle you see in the screenshot without any coordination. It just naturally happened to be so.

@nemo @hidde @vioia @rleitan @thmsglser any further input for @larsberg?

(Andre Vrignaud) #4

Great feedback - thank you!

I am curious about your image sharing scenario. I am assuming that the use case was to show an image or diagram to wider group. Did you have challenges positioning the content for everyone to view? Or, do you think there might be value to having a way to paste content into a room that’s automatically positioned at a certain size and orientation for group to view - perhaps auto orienting on core group, or even a simple “movie screen” metaphor?

(Jconrad) #5

The info about the space itself and how it contributes (or detracts) from the experience of gathering and collaborating is very helpful. When building spaces, I’ve found that it’s really difficult to design general-purpose layouts. But knowing use cases like this, we can better cater the experience to make it more effective. For example, all of the existing spaces were created before any of the media sharing tools existed. But we’re starting to see how different hardware configurations are affected by the way these tools work. We’ll likely need a combination of tweaking some of the controls for these tools and designing spaces that accommodate them.

(Henrik Mitsch) #6

@avrignaud, we would probably have to experiment more with image sharing to give you a better answer.

Earlier today we only tried it to capture some key terms to help people remember them. For example low integrity authentication is not easy to remember. So I wrote it in an editor, took a screenshot and uploaded that image into Hubs:

I went back to the room but the picture is gone now. Is uploaded data in the rooms disappearing after a while?