Wio terminal (SAMD51) and Mozilla IoT options

Hi community,

I need to code a Wio Terminal for work as a thing on Mozilla IoT platform, with arduino IDE languages if possible, As far as I know is not a supported board by the libraries ( webthing-arduino) so I’m looking now for some workarounds, Wi-Fi if possible, but even serial or another comm option with the gateway, and also help or initiate (in what my technical abilities allows me) on a formal deploy and documentation. Thank you. I have many details of the process and issues, so i will be editing the post with them.

I actually tried to make a port for the Wio Terminal a while back, but couldn’t get Seeed’s web server library to work.

The code is in the repo, added via this commit. I’d love to have someone else take a look and see if I messed something up.

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Thank you Michael, now I could install your repo and the web server library, after installing another libraries, (I didn’t had (FS and SFUD)) and finally It could compile and upload the code. But I couldn’t still add the device gettin a red 400 when I add manually the IP of the thing.

I got the following messages from the arduino monitor after establishing WiFi connection.

Screen Shot 2020-08-23 at 21.57.27

Yep, that’s where I got stuck as well. I tried getting in touch with Seeed for assistance, but nobody ever got back to me.

Ok, I will try writing them too, would be great work with those boards. Thank you mrstegeman.

Is there any chance that Wio Terminal support will be renewed?