Word of Life and Passa Parola extension

Hi, guys!

I was wondering if you know of any A. existing open-source extension that might have similar functionality as this extension I’m going to describe - B. one extra bar below the bookmarks bar to show two sentences: a monthly one from https://www.focolare.org/en/mariapoli/archivio-parola-di-vita/ and a daily one from http://passaparola.focolare.org/ I was thinking if such A. extension exists, I could perhaps use it to make the B. extension with few modifications. I note that I know very little about programming; so, any other help to make this extension a reality is more than welcome!

Thanks for your attention!

Unfortunately, extensions cannot add their own bars to the toolbar area. You can add text to the content area (web pages) or show your own page.

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Then, perhaps I could use the code of an extension like annotate, creating my “own page”, making it horizontal (displaying it similar to a bar) and read-only to the user? Could something like this be coded?

You can show a little drop-down panel for a toolbar button (browser action popup); you’ve probably seen many of those. that panel has a maximum width of about 800 pixels. If you need more width, you would need to show a page either in the tab or in a popup window.

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