Working Group: Application Process Track

Application Process / Selection Criteria / Responsibilities

Owners: @thephoenixbird & @umesh

Problem statement

With the changes to the Reps program we need to find how we can make a proper process for the application for all three tracks, what should be the criteria and what should be their responsibilities. This should be as easy as we have the current application process without much complexity.


The goal of this working group is to create a plan on how to align the application process, selection criteria and responsibilities with the new changes that will come up from other working groups.

Key results

(for now without timeline, let’s define this during our first meeting)

  • We have a defined proposal for changes to the current application process to integrate the new changes.
  • We have a re-worked list of criteria to become a Rep which incorporates the new strategy.
  • We have defined responsibilities which every Rep should take on.
  • We have defined a list of possible responsibilities that are specialisation-specific (to be confirmed, since the other groups might be working on this as well!)

##Possible Questions that need to be answered:

  • What is the new application process and what will be different?
  • Which are going to be the criteria for people applying on different Reps groups?
  • Which are the responsibilities for the different Reps groups?

How to get involved

If you are interested in helping in this group, please fill out the following doodle with next week dates for an initial meeting:


@mkohler @setiawan @anivar @shahidfarooqui still interested in joining? :smile:

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I added my times in the doodle, I’ll love to reach out. Thanks Robby

@ThePhoenixBird it changes something in the applications that are running?

According to doodle:
Application WG first meeting on Feb 19th at 20:30 UTC


@ThePhoenixBird Thanks, I answered the questions. I wonder also can attend the meetings and which channels?

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Ideally we want to use the Reps Vidyo Room, but i have yet to confirm that it is avaliable at Fridays (It is highly unlikely that someone is going to be there on Friday Night :smile: )


Hello everyone! Im very very very sorry for not been able to join today in the meeting, i had a power blackout in my zone for almost 5 hours, in the next hours I will reschedule our meeting and lets move forward :wink:

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I was not able to be about for the scheduled meeting time either (public transport failure in my case). So a second attempt at a meeting suits me :smile:

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I am going monitoring, thx. :smiley:

2nd attempt for meeting

Here is the new doodle guys @mkohler @setiawan @anivar @shahidfarooqui @rtsayles @geraldobarros @Spike1 @umesh , we need to meet ASAP, so please fill this one in the next 48 hours so we can have our meeting:

Doodle closes at Monday noon UTC

Thanks @ThePhoenixBird! Let me know me. Have a good weekend.


Hi Arturo and Umesh

Yes please, I am interested to help you in application process, selection

Please let me know when you plan to have next meeting.

Thanks & Regards


Hello everyone! @mkohler @setiawan @anivar @shahidfarooqui @rtsayles @geraldobarros @Spike1 @umesh

The chosen date according to the doodle is next Wednesday, February 24, 2016 at 12:30 UTC

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@ThePhoenixBird, according to the Doodle is another time.
=> Tue 02/23/16 20:00 correct?

That should be my local time (Caracas / 2016-02-23 / 20:00 ), I think that Doodle auto-converts it to your timezone.

Let me know if there is a mistake.

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Reference issue in github


I am afraid that I am lost now as to when the rescheduled meeting will be.
Is it at 20:00UTC - which is in about 3-1/2 hours from now? Or some
other time/day/reality :wink:

Erm. Looking above I can see that it is 12:30UTC on Wednesday - please ignore me :wink:

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We are starting in 5 minutes.
Join the Remo Vidyo room

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@ThePhoenixBird I’m experiencing an power outage. I will not be able to attend. Catch you on the next one :slight_smile: