Working Group: Meta

Owners: Christos Bacharakis & Michael Kohler

Problem statement

There are a lot of questions that do not fit into one of the other working groups or are too broad for them. With the work that is done in the other working groups, we have a lot of changes to bring the program forward. This also means that questions arise on how to deal with the changes.


The goal of this working group is to track and answer the broad questions we have around overall, program-wide topics (have a look at the questions below).

Key results (for now without timeline, let’s define this during our first meeting):

  • Have a clear plan on how we handle specializations (combining? choosing? process for joining specializations)
  • Have a clear plan on how we will encourage recognition

Possible Questions that need to be answered:

  • Should we specify a ratio for Reps responsibility?
  • Are Reps still going to be equal?
  • If there is a local Rep laking of one category, this might force the local community to be less efficient. How can we deal with that?
  • If I’m a local Rep and are in the Resource specialization, would I need to file budgets for other regions as well?
  • Can multiple specializations be combined?
  • Can a specialization be changed?
  • How are we dealing with the feeling that some specializations might have a bigger value in terms of “Recognition” than others?
  • Some categorizations might have bigger involvement from Mozilla teams and others, how do we balance that in terms of opportunities than every specialization has?
  • Will the specialization be based on what a Rep has done in the past or not? Should it just be the skillset the Rep has?
  • Will there be assignments or will everyone need to choose?
  • In the proposal, the last sentence of the 3rd specialization doesn’t make sense, we need to look at this!

How to get involved

If you are interested in helping in this group, please fill out the following doodle with next week dates for an initial meeting

Please fill out this Doodle for the first meeting!


I leave this open for another 24 hours, so people can still choose a time!

@Ioana @thephoenixbird @irvin you still interested? If so please fill out the doodle :slight_smile:

Yes. Completed.


We will be having our initial meeting today (Tuesday) at 3pm UTC. I set the final date on the
doodle, I hope you all got an email out of that. Sorry for the late notice.


We will be using the Reps Vidyo channel, here are the details:
Phone: +1 800 707 2533 FREE, pin 369 - then 99669 and then #

We will also be watching the meeting notes in case somebody doesn’t have good audio quality.

Pings: @ariefbayu @Mte90 @PSlekys @alex_lakatos (not sure if it is you on the doodle) @Ioana @bolaram

See you in a few hours!


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@mkohler Yep, that’s me. But I have a conflicting last minute meeting at work so won’t be able to attend :frowning:

Meeting Notes - Tuesday, February 16, 15:00 - 16:00 UTC


  • Michael Kohler
  • Daniele Scasciafratte
  • Rara

Agenda and Notes:

Introduction - why are you interested in this working group?

  • Program needs refresh, interested in helping out. Reps is an important role within Mozilla for community guidance towards MoCo

Goals of this working group (recap):

  • Specialization combination
  • Do we need ratio per specialization to fulfill our responsibilities?
  • How will the process look like once introduced, how do Reps get into the specialization?
  • How do we handle Recognition?
  • Coordinate overall questions that might come up in other working groups

Have we missed any goals?

  • Complete for now

Have we missed important questions?

  • What will be the role of mentors with recognition? They know the needs of their mentees

Let’s identify major milestones :

  • [until end of next week] Identify a plan on how to combine different specializations (this might change over the time with the work of the other groups)
  • [blocked by the combination] Definition of the process to join a specific specialization
  • [end of March] Figure out a plan on how to do recognition to avoid specialization to be the only recognition
  • Figure out the role of the reps portal in that
    • [end of March] Define a plan on how to handle countries with only one/no Rep → not covering all specializations
  • [end of March] Define a suggestion on how to find a specific Rep with a certain kind of specialization (also consider MoCo teams, outside of Reps)

Let’s define a timeline for the major milestones

  • Done above

Immediate next steps

  • (@Mte90 ; until the end of the week) Figure out where the role of the Reps portal is, how many resources there are for changes from the dev side → open a discourse topic
  • (@mkohler; until the end of the week) Figure out if there is any combination of specializations that doesn’t work → open a discourse topic
  • (@mkohler; until the end of the week) Organize follow up “status meeting” next week

woops, very sort notice :(. I just read this post…

I started the discussion about the reps portal

Hi everyone

I would like to have a short meeting to discuss our status. I think Tuesday, 15:00 UTC (same time as last week) is good.

You can find the agenda here in the meeting notes doc. Of course we will publish the notes here as well.

Speaking of documentation, we will use this discourse topic for general questions, and if needed we will start a new topic for a specific discussion here in Discourse. Once we achieve a final draft of a plan or idea, we document it on the github issue. Does this sound good? Is this transparent enough?

Pinging @Ioana @Mte90 @rara @Christos for the second meeting. Of course anyone else is happily invited as well! :slight_smile:


I have started a discussion about the combination of different specializations, please chime in there!

For me is transparent but maybe we have to involve the other reps for the our discourse discussion to improve our work.

We have to reschedule because we was only 2 person on that meeting.

Unfortunately I jumped into a last minute meeting in work so I will late for this meeting. :frowning: Apologies guys.

Let’s reschedule it for the end of this week or same day next week and continue the discussion here?

How about Friday 16:00 UTC?

I will be available that time. Pinging @Mte90 @Ioana and @alex_lakatos

Sounds good to me as well!

Well, let’s do it. See ya on Friday! :slight_smile:
Don’t forget to send the google calendar invitation :wink:

where will we meet on Friday?

I am available, we have too much to discuss :slightly_smiling: