Working with a different project!

Hi mozillians!

For people who don’t know me, my name is Ana Sofia (Reps from Nicaragua).
I’m interested in working on an activity with the Brazil community and if this is possible, with other communities that also want to join.

This activity can be online to get more participation for volunteers.
So, my idea is to organize a kind of session or debate to talk about Net Neutrality and Privacy for the Web in order to explain the meaning of the terms and also how we going to bring knowledge to people who don’t know about these topics.

I hope we can work this idea together.
Regards :slight_smile:


Hi Ana!

Thank you for ping us here :slight_smile:

Your ideas is aweeesome! We can work on a Privacy Web campaign for now, Net Neutrality is ensured by legislation of Brazil, so isn’t a Internet issue for us now.

A Privacy and Security campaign is good, we can define some contribuitions formats like on social media, small events, talks, etc…

What do you think?

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This is a nice idea @geraldobarros

How we gonna start? maybe we can create an etherpad with the main ideas for this and people can write whatever they want (because all the ideas will be important)


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Yeah, can you do it?

Yes, of course!
Here is the etherpad link
So, you can check and we can start to work.

This is an open activity, feel free to join! :wink: