Xiaomi Aquara support


Hello there,
I post this topic to know how many are interested in a Xiaomi aquara adapter.

Xiaomi sensor are very cheap and well done. Actually they are not sold in europe due to GDRP incompatibility but you can get them on most important chinese ecommerce platform.

They use zigbee protocol.



(Dave Hylands) #2

They sort of use zigbee. They use it in a non-standard way that means that the sensors work for some people and not others depending on what other devices are on your zigbee network.

For me personally, they mostly drop off within 24 hours. I’ve occasionally had them work for longer.


(Adam King) #3

My Xiaomi temp sensors also disconnect after about 20mins. I think it could be related to the sleep period. It seems Xiaomi check-in interval is 50-60 mins.