Yaml after successful install?

I’ve been slogging through the install picking off issues as they come up and would like to know if people have successfully installed/tested DeepSpeech 0.6.x and created a yml file to share with the community?

Please share actionable feedback on what needs to be improved in the documentation

What do you exactly mean here?

It looks like you make use of wheels. I was referring to conda env yaml files that are used to capture or reconstruct the software requirements in full. It’s the way some people package up DL environments so they’re modular plug and play and isolated from the rest of the machine.

I had no problems with the CPU set up, but haven’t been able to get the gpu version running. I’ll go through the process taking better notes before posting so I don’t waste your time.

We publish wheels only for inference, not for training.

That looks more useful for training rather than inference code, but to the best of our knowledge, nobody shared that.

Please be more descriptive here, are you talking about the training or the inference ? Do you have errors ?