"You have been selected for a survey" - Doesn't sound impressive to me

(Ram) #1


In recent past, I got this notification about survey (You have been selected for a survey) several times on sumo site. I am getting it frequently, and even after filling the survey once I am getting it again and again. It doesn’t look impressive to me. It actually reminds me of some unwanted and frustrating pop ups we see on some sites.

My main concern is that if same is happening with users (who are not contributors), this could be frustrating to them.

I also wanted to know that are we really selecting only few users?


(Ram) #2

Attaching the screenshot for those who have not seen this message on sumo site.

(Michael Buluma) #3

I agree this can look better than what we have right now. Question is, what would you have it look like or what would you like for it to show?

This appears whether or not you are logged in therefore the logic that it’s selective would not really work unless its using a completely different metric to identify my account and match it to the selected few users as quoted.

(Mauricio Navarro Miranda) #4

May be we can directly ask user for help.

Using some header like
Do you like Firefox?
Which is your favorite Firefox feature?

and let the user answer the first (random?) question of our feedback sourvey.

and then, if the user agree, we can let him/her know there are a few more questions we would love to ask.

(Madalina) #5

There’s actually a discussion going on about surveys on the SUMO forums if you want to provide your input: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/forums/contributors/711492?last=66578

(Michael Buluma) #6

Nice. Glad there’s progress on this