YouTube videos and sleep

Not sure this is a bug or not so posting here, you can tell me if I should file a bug.
If I keep the screen turned on, even locked, I can listen to YouTube. But if I turn off the screen, audio stops. I listen to music from YouTube and I don’t want the screen on, is there a way around it? Is this bug worthy?

Hi Errietta,

You can file issues using the Bugzilla Lite application on the phone. Thank you.

This is not a bug but feature of youtube IMHO, even on Android and iOS app, youtube requires screen turned on in order to play continuously!

not in Android with the app, but that’s a dedicated app.

It should be in android and with the app. Unless you are using xposed and fooling youtube or using the music key.

Youtube’s license specifically prohibits using it as a music streaming service,

ah i didn’t know this @rabimba. I have the music key on android, probably why it works.

I had this bug recently… thanks for the post