Z-Wave Garage Door Controller identified as lock?

I have added a GoControl GDZ001 garage door controller which allows you to open/close the door and a tilt sensor for status. It is identified as a “lock” thing when added. Is there any built-in definition for a Z-Wave Garage Door Controller?

Is there anyone left that can offer some assistance? It is fine if it displays as a lock but it does not operate the door. I have determined from other software that it is a “Barrier State” number property that both tells the status and opens/closes the door (255 for open, 0 for closed). Thanks for any help.

I have read Adding-a-new-device.md for the Z-Wave adapter and I understand the bit about getting the device info/properties but how do you then actually add the new device so that it can be controlled? It doesn’t seem to explain that step. Please help - this is preventing me from using the gateway since all my other devices can be controlled.

It’s a shame this project seems to have been abandoned.

Hi @craigva.1, I’m afraid the Z-Wave adapter is currently lacking a module owner but @dhylands is a peer and may be able to help.

You might also want to file an issue in the GitHub repo https://github.com/WebThingsIO/zwave-adapter/issues