Z3C update?

(Magopian) #21

I just checked again, and it tells me “no updates found”.
OS Version:
Build Number: eng.worker.20151230.195810
Build Identifier: 20151230201227
Update Channel: dogfood
Git Commit Info: 2015-12-22 02:20:26

I think I remember having a very big update (190 or 290Mb, can’t remember) maybe one or two weeks ago (I was surprised by the size), does that have anything to do with this lacking update?

(Flore) #22

You’re on the latest dogfood already.
Are you an employee? I heard they got this update last week…

(Flore) #23

Got it during the night (european time). When I checked this morning, it was in my notification (no need to check manually).
Thanks a lot

(Magopian) #24

Ah, yes, sorry, I’m an employee, didn’t realize we didn’t have the updates at the same time. Mystery solved, thanks!

(Flore) #25

I got that information from Lissyx (Parisian employee), I’m not sure everyone is aware of that.

(Gabriela) #26

Downloaded and installed, works fine for now.

Thanks for your hard work making this update happen!!!

Best regards,
QA Mozilla Hispano Team Responsible

(Nhirata) #27

Yes, if you are an employee you get the whole stack with a FOTA update.
If you are external, you will get an OTA push which is just gecko/gaia.

We don’t have distribution license to distribute outside of our
organization so we cannot push the whole stack to contributors as much as
we would love to do so.

12/30 build is the latest build we have for FOTA/OTA. We will be release
1/11 pending any blocker bugs soon.

The build information is listed here :
I haven’t updated the compare. Usually a contributor or Irina Sandu ends
up making the list of pulls into a more human readable format. Apologies.
If someone is willing to take the time into translating the pushlog into
human readable “What’s the changes” and “What are the bugs known” that
would be awesome.

(Nhirata) #28

https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1239136 is a dogfood blocker
but not a smoke test blocker.
It prevents scrolling on some websites, such as yahoo.

We’ll have to wait until that’s fixed before we ship out another dogfood

(Mihai Barbat) #29

Is this a temporary situation? Or is there any workaround existing so that non-employees could get the whole stack update at one point?

(Nhirata) #30

We have no license to distribute the gonk layer outside of Mozilla at this
time for the aries (Sony Z3C compact) device.
Unless this changes, we cannot and will not be shipping the whole stack
outside the company.

Unless you have a magic way of getting us legal agreement from all the vendors
involved, to allow us to distribute, then chances are that this will not
change. :slight_smile:

(Mousse04) #31

Hello everyone,

one question (probably stupid), how to flash on this dogfood channel?
I’ve flashed my Z3C with fxblog and the default channel is “default”.

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Nhirata) #32

If you did not sign papers and receive a dogfood phone from Mozilla you will not be able to participate in this dog food program.

(Mousse04) #33

Ok, thanks nhirata.
Does it exist any build that “normal” user can flash? Because, right now, the only solution for Z3C is to flash the fxpblog build …
So, this is strange that Mozilla supports officially the Z3C but the only available build comes from community.

Edit : I guess receiving dogfood phone is reserved for developpers ?

(Nhirata) #34

Dogfood are reserved for those people that signed papers at Mozfest and at
Mozilla Work weeks.

The only builds available are gecko/gaia flashes on the aries device
currently. We do not have the distribution license for distributing Aries
build. Only Nexus 4 and 5 builds currently.

The Dogfood program might be open to more people in the future through a
web app; at the same time, this does not change the distribution rights of
the gonk layer. Meaning we won’t be able to ship any full builds until we
get distribution rights or approval through legal.


(Rabimba) #35

The things is that, if any dogfooder accidentally changes build and flashes a nightly or other build. There is no way for him to get back to the original dogfooding build.
The only thing they will be able to do is to use the fxpbuild and install foxfooding.

(Gabriela) #36

Hi Naoki, could you please tell us if the 1/11 foxfooding build will be
ready soon?

Many thanks!
Best regards,
QA Mozilla Hispano Team Responsible

(Genma) #37

Yes. Can you communicate when a realase of foxfooding build updated is planned? Thanks.