Z3C won't turn on

This happened yesterday, I plugged it in and it was responsive again. Battery wasn’t dead, the screen had just gone dark and wouldn’t respond to the power button.

Happened again today, but I can’t get it to respond. When the flame did this I could just take out the battery. What do I do?!

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Hold power + vol up for a few seconds to do a hard reset

Hmm I don’t think I tried that combination, but I was trying for it.

Fortunately after a couple hours I had Ginny plug it in and it rebooted for her just using the power button. whew!!!

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Hi Kensie,

This is curious as I got the same problem on mine too…I’ll try what you did…hope it’ll be fine

I think this is power + vol up + vol down actually.

You can try rebooting the phone by holding all three buttons ( power +
volume up + down); if that doesn’t reboot the phone then chances are the
battery is dead.

Make sure that the usb cable is securely plugged into the device for the
power. Make sure that the voltage/watts/amp matches the spec for the
device. Using the cable that the device came with may help when powering
the battery.

If that doesn’t work you can do a reset hitting the yellow button within
the bottom panel:

@Julien and Nhirata,

Thank you very much indeed for sharing these troubleshooters. Will try it and let you know.