Zip format build for the LG FX0

Would love to know if anyone is working on a zip format build for the LG FX0. As nice as the FX0 phone is, it is stuck at 2.1, and I doubt LG is going to address that.

Are you referring to the zip file being used in recovery mode ? Anyway, there is no port done by community to my knowledge for the Fx0 device. The few devices I could know about where locked (not SIM locked) so they would not even be hacked. I don’t know if one can unlock them in a store.

Correct. A complete build in zip format, copied to SD card, then flashed (assumedly on a rooted device) in recovery mode. This is how I was able to update my ZTE Open C, using a zip file from Unfortunately, the FX0 does not appear to have similar support, currently.

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What does locked mean? you cannot install a different operating system?

I am interested in solving this problem for fx0

Locked means rooted bat by default this phone is rooted this is very simple to verify you most type in terminal adb root and you will see this

  • daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
  • daemon started successfully *
    adbd is already running as root

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Would help?


Thanks, Alex. I did see this procedure recently, but I have not been brave enough to shallow flash my FX0. Still hoping someone will develop a zip file that only takes a few steps to implement. I really like the FX0, but it desperately needs an upgrade to 2.5 or 2.6 like I had on my ZTE Open C.

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