Zip format build for the LG FX0

(Jeff Johnson) #1

Would love to know if anyone is working on a zip format build for the LG FX0. As nice as the FX0 phone is, it is stuck at 2.1, and I doubt LG is going to address that.

Are you already doing Firefox OS builds? Chime in here
(Lissyx) #2

Are you referring to the zip file being used in recovery mode ? Anyway, there is no port done by community to my knowledge for the Fx0 device. The few devices I could know about where locked (not SIM locked) so they would not even be hacked. I don’t know if one can unlock them in a store.

(Jeff Johnson) #3

Correct. A complete build in zip format, copied to SD card, then flashed (assumedly on a rooted device) in recovery mode. This is how I was able to update my ZTE Open C, using a zip file from Unfortunately, the FX0 does not appear to have similar support, currently.

(Dan Octavian) #4

What does locked mean? you cannot install a different operating system?

I am interested in solving this problem for fx0

(Jrlafaurie) #5

Locked means rooted bat by default this phone is rooted this is very simple to verify you most type in terminal adb root and you will see this

  • daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
  • daemon started successfully *
    adbd is already running as root

(alex_mayorga) #6

¡Hola @Jeff!

Would help?


(Jeff Johnson) #7

Thanks, Alex. I did see this procedure recently, but I have not been brave enough to shallow flash my FX0. Still hoping someone will develop a zip file that only takes a few steps to implement. I really like the FX0, but it desperately needs an upgrade to 2.5 or 2.6 like I had on my ZTE Open C.

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