ZTE Open C

lapineige, dattaz,

As far as I remember I flashed a Fooxfooding release, then the 2.5 then 2.6.
And today there was an automatic update through wifi (which I called FOTA in my preceding posts, sorry but I though it was applicable to an auto update through WIFI).

So There must be a mix of all those?

Here is a list of the files I have. I cannot tell you foresure which ones and in which order I installed…

FFOS_FR_ZTE_OPENCV1.0.0B02(SD card software).zip

Ok you got a (old) nighlty update ! (middle of April), you doesn’t have transition on it.
So if you want transtion you need to flash update-20160516003814.zip (from http://builds.firefoxos.mozfr.org/openc/transition/ )


ok thank you for the info, I will try this flash update! Have a good week!

Any luck with the EU builds?
I’d be willing to try building, but I’m not sure where to start.


@dattaz, the merge is now done. Do you need any help to setup the buildbot for this new status ?


We now have blobfree build for :


That’s good news :slight_smile:

I can try the Fr version, I’ll do it ASAP :wink:

Thanks again !

Nice work, thanks for sticking !

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I’ll flash the EU version as soon as possible and give you report! A huge thank you, @dattaz!


Thank you all for your efforts, however, when trying to access ebay version


I get this:


You don’t have permission to access /opencebay/transition-blobfree/zte_p821a10.blobfree-dist.zip on this server.
Apache/2.2.22 (Debian) Server at builds.firefoxos.mozfr.org Port 80

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Sorry if it’s not the right place to ask these questions but I’m struggling to understand where to find the latest info and correct builds. I have an Open C (FR) and I’m using the 2.5 build found on this page:
I had tried the 2.6 build but it wasn’t functional. If I understand correctly, that page refers to the last Firefox OS build and now more recent versions will be B2G OS, right? Or is 2.6 the same as what is referred to as ‘transition’?

How is this blobfree transition build different from the 2.6 I tried:
Is it just for testing purposes or is it usable (I just need phone, contacts and message functionality, the rest is optional for me)?
Thanks for your help

sorry if it’s not clear.

this is right

Blobfree build is a recent build (this week) and must be flash with b2g-installer
I haven’t try this build (transition-blofree (in fact B2GOS blobfree))so i can say it’s ok for daily use.

ping @dattaz :wink:

sorry for that, it’s now ok

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Many thanks. I’ll try it tomorrow and report back.


Hi there,
Been busy, so sorry I didn’t get back sooner. Before I start, do I have to use b2g-installer, or can this be flashed from SD card?

I’ll be upgrading from the last (February) nightly for the Ebay EU Open C.


no problem, you must use b2g-installer

Thought as much, thanks. I’ll try and set some time aside tonight.

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Hello fellow b2g-fans!

Have been trying to update my Open C (Ebay) phone for a couple of days now but always get stuck when b2g-installer is trying to flash the system.img, I have left it on over night but it never gets pass that part and then it is “bricked”. I manage to unbrick it by fastbooting a recovery image, sideload a “FFOS to Android” update and then I’m able to use the rooting procedure shown on “mozfr.org”.

I have tried using b2g-installer using the “zte_p821a10.blobfree-dist.zip” from “http://builds.firefoxos.mozfr.org/opencebay/transition-blobfree/” from “clean” rooting, rooting + nightly(update-20160226075113.zip) and rooting + nighlty-old-work-20151231113541.zip but with same result.

Am I doing something wrong? Cheers!

Hello !
I encountered the same problem than @k96hkh ! To unbrick my phone I restore a backup made with ClockworkMod recovery.