About:config missing

Hello everyone

i would like if you bring back the about:config page to the stable version of android

that the way we be able to make advanced configuration and even add protections

firefox was about adding more option not decreasing it

thanks for your time and have a nice day :slight_smile:


It’s not missing only about config. It’s also missing view source, it’s missing a shit ton of basic add ons, it’s missing save to pdf



About:config is available in the Beta and Nightly versions of Firefox for Android.

Popular add-ons are available with more being added as support for them becomes available.

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On nightly and beta. On stable why not? Is there a reason for it?I don’t know.Missing view source?Missing saving to pdf,missing basic add ons?Is there an actually a good reason why they are missing in the first place ?


Hello @plwt @a.mpoygiatiwths

i do know that it available in night and beta but i want to use release/stable version i do some config in firefox and when something happen in certain site i do not want to test if it related to one of my custom setting or a bug in beta/night version

one of the power that firefox has is the ability to do tons of customization without the need to install add-ons

i do not use add-ons but i relay on those custom option

and i agree with @a.mpoygiatiwths to the point that why mozila remove it in the first place

so i hope they return it back unless if there a good reason they removed it for which i do not see any reason at least from my humble knowledge

thanks for both of you and have a nice day :slight_smile:



Thank you for your feedback.

About:config is not a feature that most people will use and it can make your browser seriously unstable. If you are wanting to make changes to test various things, I recommend Beta or Nightly. I have been using the Nightly version as my main browser for over a year with very few issues and Beta is even more stable than that.

We hope to include support for more add-ons with future updates. However, the team is evaluating how to do this in a way that avoids the security and compatibility issues we had with previous versions of Firefox.

You can follow the work on View Source at https://github.com/mozilla-mobile/fenix/issues/3972 and Save to .pdf at https://github.com/mozilla-mobile/fenix/issues/3709

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thanks for you

if we used same way then most of user do use most of their app without even hit the settings of it does that mean you should remove it of course not

and if someone break his/her browser cause he/she miss with the about:config why you take it from other
it already enough to say the warning that we get when we try to access it

if that not confensing then why you still keep the desktop option there

not cause someone misuse something that does not take the right for other to use it

hope that clear my point and hope Mozilla Listen to the users who need that back even if we are small amount of total number of Mozilla users

thank again and have a nice day :slight_smile:


Thank you for your feedback. I am just trying to help based on what I understand.

If you are a “power” user of Firefox for Android, I do recommend the Beta or Nightly versions. You will get the chance to test and use new features before they are released to a wider audience.

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thanks for you and i understand that you helping me and i appreciate that

looks like i have not other way except to use the beta or nightly at least for now

thank again and have a nice day :slight_smile:

@plwt I have a question if you can help me with

it about firefox for all the platform not just android

i see the ads-block could get more power i use brave i see more blocks of tracker and fingerprint than in firefox

i know there adds on that would help but you can say i like to use app with the minimum adds-on

so do you know if there any work in progress for that section

thanks for your help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

In Firefox for Android, what level of tracking protection you using?

for every platform i always use the max level

as of writing the number of available add-ons is 11 or 1 seemingly.

… or the disappearance thereof… :wink:

Firefox privacy is D E A D!
Look at the sponsors and understand why!
It’s time to migrate to other browsers and kill Mozilla Firefox the same way we killed yahoo messenger and mail when they made changes without users consent!!!

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about:config missing AGAIN ?

sad, i want change my dns but that setting is missing in Firefox 9x.x

it only available for beta version now :cry:

It is currently only available in the Beta and Nightly versions of Firefox for Android.

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I don’t buy that reasoning. About config has been in the desktop version since the beginning and everything is just fine and dandy. Look at how a nuisance this setup is.

  1. Wanting to change about config and it won’t show up.

  2. Search for answers on forums.

  3. Find out it is disabled.

  4. Uninstall current firefox.

  5. Download beta.

  6. Login your new account and restore all your Firefox settings.

  7. Finally change about config.

All that to change one setting. That is the experience this decision brings to your users. Take that into consideration.


You can install and use Firefox for Android Beta and Nightly (both or either) alongside the main Release version - you do not need to uninstall it.

Our developers are aware that people wishing to use about:config and this is something that may be included in a future update.