Deep Speech

Discussion on Deep Speech, Mozilla’s effort to create an open source speech recognition engine and models used to make speech recognition better for everyone!

Mozilla IoT

Discussion about Project Things by Mozilla (

Developer Tools

Discussion of the Firefox Developer Tools.

Common Voice

Let’s talk about Project Common Voice, Mozilla’s effort to crowdsource a gigantic database of diverse voices to be used to make voice recognition better for everyone <3


The MDN category is for discussing topics related to the MDN site. If you want to be involved in making MDN more awesome, please share your ideas, opinions, questions, etc. Please observe the Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines to create a safe and positive community for everyone.

Mozilla Mexico

Discussions for the Mozilla Mexico community.


Category for Mozilla Reps to discuss about the program and activities.

Firefox Development

Questions and answers about Firefox browser development. Come help us build the best web browser and the future of the Open Web.

Mozilla Francophone (L10N)

Discussions générales liées à la traduction en français pour Mozilla, en particulier pour les logiciels, sites web et campagnes.


Discussion of Thunderbird, an Email and communications platform for desktop. Here you can discuss the application, get mentorship on how to begin contributing, and offer up ideas and concepts for the future of the software.


This is the place for mozillians to gather, talk and discuss about any general topic around Mozilla Project and its products.


This category is focused on a range of topics, including diversity in security, building amazing security teams, incident response, forensics, and more.


Discussions for


Discussions about add-on development, add-on support and You can also learn more about add-ons on MDN, or in the add-ons blog.


Fluent is a localization system designed to improve how software is translated. This Discourse category is a place to discuss the design of Fluent, plan the future versions and receive support.


Discussion about this forum, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Mozilla India

Discussions for the Mozilla India community.

Open Innovation Toolkit

A space to discuss the content of, provide feedback and add content

Test Pilot

Discussion about Test Pilot and
Learn more about the project on our wiki:


This category is for discussions around Linux in relation to Mozilla.

Participation Systems

Conversations around ongoing efforts to make Mozilla more participatory by innovating on our internal communications and collaborative infrastructure.


Squee, Spleen and Spoons of Mozilla Community gather here to discuss world domination strategies. Anyone interested in working on their skills as a Mozilla Tech Speaker & developing high quality reusable technical content -- this is your space.


Discussions related to the transition from Firefox OS to the B2G OS Community Project
Weekly meetings happen on Tuesday at 16:00 UTC.


Discussions for local communities. You can email to to post to this category.


Feedback and support for, and conversations on new developments.

Firefox Nightly

Use Firefox Nightly, report bugs, build and empower a community of power-users all around the globe, let's discuss all things Nightly here!

Developer Community

The Developer Community project by Mozilla aims to support developers and groups of developers around the world.

Mozilla Communities Web Services

MCWS provides web resources to communities, like hosting, domains and email. This is our primary communication channel. Please ask lots of questions!

Campus Clubs

The "Campus Clubs" category includes conversations and information to empower students to protect, teach, and build the open web on University and College campuses world-wide.

Storage & Syncing

Questions, answers, and discussion about how to design, integrate, and evolve storage systems inside and around Mozilla products.

Mozilla Brasil

Olá, você é novo por aqui?

Open Design

A category for designers (professional or hobbyists) who want to contribute to the many design projects around Mozilla.

Firefox Public Data

The Firefox Public Data Report is a weekly public report on the activity, behavior, and hardware configuration of Firefox users.


Category for moving off topic posts to.

Quality Assurance

Discussion about testing and the Mozilla QA community.

Mixed Reality

Discussions about Mixed Reality at Mozilla. Learn more about the group at

Tracking Protection

Tracking protection in browsers and privacy tools.

Open Policy + Advocacy

Conversations about current and upcoming tech policy issues worldwide, and what we can do about them as a community. Join to connect and learn with others! Topics are not curated by Mozilla Policy or Advocacy teams. Please start a topic below.

Firefox Student Ambassadors

Discussions for the Firefox Student Ambassadors program.


Discussions for WoMoz.

Take Back The Web Campaign

The Take Back the Web Campaign is a University & College based campaign built on student leaders and mentors who are working together to raise awareness and empower other students to make choices about how their personal information is used online.

Mozilla Nativo

Mozilla Nativo discussions of group reference in #mozilla #nativo #moznativo

Connected Devices

Discussions about Connected Devices initiatives, ideas and hacking.


Discussions for the Mozilla Slovenia community.


Archives of categories and threads that no longer serve a useful purpose.

Community Ops

Discussions relating to Community Ops