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This is the know home of ask.mozilla.org! Really cool, discourse is an awesome “platform”. Thanks @mhoye for the good karma email! Set to ‘tracking’. :slightly_smiling:

The coolest part of ask.mozilla.org was its short and sweet abbreviation - ask.m.o i thought that was so cool.

FEATURE_FAILURE_DL_BLACKLIST_g1251 how to fix this webgl problem?please help!

Possibly here is the good place here to ask my question.
I am a little disoriented by messages appearing several times on the page, once in the thread where they answer a question, and once at head of a new thread. Possibly another word as thread would be more adapted, as all this is seen in the “Firefox 89” thread.
Are there any other display modes available ?

I have user requests, I opened a new thread for that, I imagine this is the best for that?

Oh, I see “4 years later”, so I have a doubt about my choice of a place to ask my question …

“Come help us build the best web browser and the future of the Open Web.”

Stop changing what isn’t broke! Full stop! I have manually disabled firefox’s updater because of Proton and it will stay that way until you either start making decisions that are good for the community or the browser is too old and broken to use, in which case I’ll jump ship to Chrome or Opera.

I use a Ma Mini with a 30" screen. I have some uses that require two, three or four windows to be open at a time. I currently have to place each window on the screen to maximize the viewing area. Is there a way to save this array of windows and quickly call them back up to the same locations the next time i need them? Part of this would be a default screen that could be shown first or selected when desired.

I tried Javascript but some time ago, it stopped bringing all the taskbars up. It would be very helpful to be able to select screen setups from within Firefox.

BTW, great program! Keep it up!