Add-ons and themes

I would like to thank the intern who suggested this idea to have add-ons and themes verified. because of this, I am highly considering moving to a new web browser. the fact you lot went and disabled my theme, my add-ons and left me with no other option other than a ‘ops, cant do anything about it, find a new add-on’ is fucking rediculous. Give me an option to over ride this block. I have been using these add-ons and extensions for YEARS and not once had a security issue. As a long time firefox user i am livid. This is the most shitty move you could have ever pulled. How do you lose coutmers? Pull a stunt like this. Reverse this shit now or watch your support die.

Excuse me? We’ve all lost our addons and not a single one of us is fucking “Paying” for Firefox so have a chill pill and wait for the fix like the rest of the adults.

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I agree with @jaxomsteve. I’ve been using Firefox since nearly the beginning (version 0.6, IIRC) and this is the first time something of this magnitude has occurred.

Just relax, have a beer (or whatever you prefer) and read a book or something. Your data’s safe and not worth raising your blood pressure over.

Hi @wolflover2305, We understand your problem. This has been caused by a certificate issue. Firefox Team is currently working on a fix and will be providing updates on this thread: Certificate issue causing add-ons to be disabled or fail to install :slight_smile:

Anyone know when this’ll be fixed? My theme and add ons still havent appeared.