When are new add-ons and themes going to be approved? On the Developer Hub page where a blogger/user can submit a new add-on/theme, is a notice in a shaded yellow box with this message:
Due to a certificate issue, add-on approval is currently disabled. All submissions are hold in “Awaiting approval” state.

When is this issue going to be FIXED? Seriously, this matter SHOULD’VE been FIXED way before this glitch happened. If it had been addressed, this so-called inconvenience would NOT have happened.

Taking care of matters ON TIME so these issues WON’T happen again is KEY!!

Sometimes, it’s best to leave well enough alone than to make sudden changes, such as so many versions of Firefox.

Please get this issue resolved to allow for submitting of new add-ons and themes and stay ALERT when you encounter certificates issues, so the moment they happen, you can immediately get a handle on them.

DON’T wait until the certificates expire, because EVERYONE, including Firefox suffers from unnecessary inconveniences.

It’s the same with already existing themes now - none of them work any more, they all got disabled because they “couldn’t be verified for use in Firefox”. Uhm, sorry, what? They ARE on the Firefox Themes page! I hope this will be fixed soon, it’s very annoying…

We’ll be providing updates on this thread: [FIXED] Certificate issue causing add-ons to be disabled or fail to install