Addon keeps getting disabled based on a library file that appears valid

“Your add-on includes a JavaScript library file that doesn’t match any versions known to us. We require all add-ons to use unmodified release versions.”

I explained in the reviewer notes at length that a previous version was disabled because the reviewer compared the SHA256 hash of the included jquery-3.4.0.js to the minified version instead of to the original, unminified file ( The hash for both my file and the original is b7686c551b2d7ef51cf8222791893565f09ddbe3b7f41900782e7cac27017bf3 as verified by,, and

Is the link to the original file and the matching hashes not good enough? What exactly is the problem with me using that file?

Do reviewers actually browse this forum? This process is very frustrating. For the last few versions, I’ve received the canned rejection response and my plugin gets disabled, reverting back to a previous version WHICH HAS THE SAME EXACT LIBRARY FILE. It makes absolutely no sense. I’d like to get as many of my meager 3k Chrome users as possible over to Firefox, but not if releases are going to be disabled for arbitrary reasons.

Welcome to this forum.

Yes, AFAIK, some add-on reviewers are pretty active here.

I am just an add-on dev though, but AFAIK if you actually include an unminified source code (that has no other bad features like eval or so), it should not even have to pass the test for being a known JS library.

Apart from that: If the reviewer really wants to get the minified version of the jQuery library, then why not include it instead of the non-minified one? :laughing: :wink:

Off-topic for everything: BTW, it’s 2019, you likely don’t even need jQuery anyway. See for why and how plain JS is better.

Thanks for the response, rugkx. FWIW I’ve already replaced some of the more expensive jQuery functions with native JS counterparts. I haven’t had the time to replace it completely however and unfortunately I also rely on a few jQ plugins which I’d also have to replace. So it probably won’t happen any time soon. Cheers.