Addons certificate fix for old FF versions?

Yeah I saw the plaque. Install hotfix yadda-yadda. The problem is that I use old version of firefox, so this fix is useless to me, because in order for me to use it I’d need to update to latest FF version. However I cannot do that. A lot of my addons are of the old API and hasn’t been updated in a lot of years (abandoned by the dev), so the updating my FF will just nuke them. The fix will fix the certificate issue, yes, but I will have no addons anymore for that fix to matter. Why did you guys break something server-side but offer a client-side fix for that?! Or even why the hell does FF keeps checking addons authenticity after it has been verified and installed?!!!

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Yes! I’m in the same boat, I’m on 54.0.1, and apparently “studies” aren’t even implemented in that.

Tempted to attempt DL of the .xpi file being discussed, but unsure if that will screw things up worse, or if it would even work.

May just have to make the leap to the latest FF version after this is all over, but first I need my Add-ons re-enabled so I can save the data in them that I’m frozen out of now.

I understand older versions are last in line for support, but this is a critical issue, and one FF caused, and we haven’t even seen recognition of our predicament yet, let alone the fix.

We need an explicit mention in an update to the blog post below, which so far only mentions coming fixes for Android, ESR, and Linux versions. What is the fix ETA for old versions, guys?!

We’ll be providing updates on this thread: [FIXED] Certificate issue causing add-ons to be disabled or fail to install (and the blog post you linked to)

Thanks. So it sounds like there will definitely be a fix for the oldest versions, it’s just a matter of time?

Work has been ongoing on an extension to install the new certificate into older Firefoxes, but it’s not finished yet and I don’t know the intended method of distribution.

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