After 5 sentences it keep saying

I had tried literally in every language I know, and it keeps showing after 5 sentences that it didn’t have mire languages… Please do something about it, it’s so annoying.

Thanks so much for getting in touch, it sounds like you’re describing an error where it tells you that there are no more sentences available. To better troubleshoot:

  • Are you recording clips or validating sentences?
  • Could you tell me what languages you got this message in?

Thank you again

I’m validating the sentences of urdu, hindi, German and English languages. I keep getting the same error in all these language.

Hey @basiliqbal312, you mean this inconvenience… It has been recently resolved by this change, which is now online.

So, if you create a profile and login into it, you should not see it.
(I could not test it myself, no waiting sentences in my language)