All addons gone but they are still listed in Firefox's addon selection website


Sorry if this is a duplicate but in case anyone working on any of this doesn’t have the time to read long threads they may not see that addons Firefox says it had to delete (some VERY common ones) are still listed when I search for replacements.
So if they are not safe to trust, why are they still listed?

Plus when I clicked on “Find a replacement” it doesn’t go to anything related to the deleted addon so I don’t see why it says “Find a replacement”.

When I click “Find a replacement” and search a generic term like “block ads” to find a replacement for AddBlocker Ultimate, in the results is “AdBlocker Ultimate” so, since it shows that, how am I to know which ones Firefox trusts and allows us to use? Would I have to use each one and see if it allows it to be installed? Or see if it gets deleted?

I appreciate people wanting to make sure we’re all safe and can be in control of our privacy but if I don’t even see a way to know what to use or what’s trusted and so now I end up less safe and in less control because right this second I can’t block ads, can’t block scripts, block cookies beyond what FF can do in options, can’t block trackers more than what’s in FF options, etc that I did with addons.

I appreciate work people do in open source projects and don’t want to sound disrespectful, just would like to know how we’re all supposed to proceed.

As for right now I’ll search around, hopefully find something to use for a while and temporarily get rid of FF and go from there.


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This is literally what that banner at the top of all these pages is about. THere’s an issue with certificates and they are fixing it. Hope that helps.

Hi guys!

I’ve posted a temporary fix that solved the extension problem for me on the link below.

If you feel comfortable, give it a try.

At least u can keep using it until a official fix is launched.

Good luck!

Hi @sdhc, We understand your problem. This has been caused by a certificate issue. Firefox Team is currently working on a fix and will be providing updates on this thread: Certificate issue causing add-ons to be disabled or fail to install

I suggest posting a question on the Support forum with more details about the problem: