Allow an extension to configure Firefox security devices

(Martin Giger) #21

Are you sure it’s not pkcs11.dll?

(Bertrand Perret) #22


Is the PKCS#11 dll a 32 bits one ?

What is the architecture of Windows ?

What is the architecture of the running Firefox ?

(Yohanndurant) #23

DLL 64 bits
Windows 7 SP1 64bits
Firefox 59b7 64bits

(Bertrand Perret) #24


So the registry key need to be set on the 64 bit hive too.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



For strict_min_version, try one of this:

“strict_min_version”: “58.0*”

or “strict_min_version”: “58.*”

(Yohanndurant) #25

same pb

  • is not accepted

(Yohanndurant) #26

I put in registry hive 32 and 64 bits

(Bertrand Perret) #27

You will have to debug your extension in


(Yohanndurant) #28

Addon added in firefox
no error in debug but no install

var statusObj = browser.pkcs11.installModule(“mypkcs11”);
no add

(Bertrand Perret) #29

I have a “path” setting like this (which works for me): each path separator is escaped

"path": "C:\\Windows\\system32\\mypkcs11.dll",

(Yohanndurant) #30

the same parameter
“name”: “mypkcs11”,
"description”: “Installation du “,
“path”: “C:\Windows\System32\mypkcs11.dll”,
“type”: “pkcs11”,
“allowed_extensions”: [

(Yohanndurant) #31

but the site suppress double backslash by simple

(Yohanndurant) #32

It’s Ok
I have a quote in manifest.json.
Thanks you bertrand, Martin for your help