Beta Testing New Compatability Tables

When looking at the page about the RegisteredContentScript interface or class, the compat table doesn’t need to say the name of the interface at all, really, does it?

It doesn’t:

This function could be adapted to be used in compat tables as well:

The tables are live for a while and the survey saw more responses (339 so far).

I (quickly) looked into the 234 responses where a comment was provided and I would summarize the comments like this:

No browser icons, text please: 84
Browser icons with colors please: 19
The red X crossing is noisy: 7
New tables are better: 19
Old tables are better: 21
Red-green color blindness or contrast problems: 11
Thanks for adding nodejs: 9
Please no clicking to expand detailed info: 5

The comments regarding the browser icons are mainly that it takes more brain power and time to interpret which browser is meant as opposed to just read the browser name. Many people can’t differentiate Edge and IE icons and many people don’t know certain browsers at all or their icons.

My feeling is that we should change to browser names instead of the icons. We also saw similar comments in the user interviews and on twitter.

I agree. Anything that reduces processing time when looking at the tables is a win for our readers.