Building the Internet Health Movement

This session is facilitated by Dirk Slater, Chad Sansing

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About this session

Participants will identify how they currently contribute to movement building for internet health, and then we will review other movement building efforts and finish with a brainstorm on how we might engage others in buiding the movement, identifying action steps for post-mozfest

Goals of this session

For participants to understand how to contribute to and build the internet health movement.


We are building off of the online discussions ‘Movement Building’ that Chad started. Here are the notes from those discussions. Movement Building Support Call 1 & Movement Building Support Call 3

Here’s another reference for our session.

Here is our session plan, what we will do during the session:

  1. Go Round, your name, where you are from. One sentence on why you came today

  2. Quick review of the agenda;

  3. Small groups: 1. What did you see/experience at MozFest that you would like to get more involved with/do more of? Was there a session, installation? 2. How would you like to get involved? 3. Post-it note generation / clustering

  4. Quick talk about the role of MozFest in internet health movement building. 1. Come with an idea and leave with a network is movement-building 2. Scaffolding to support internet health movement-building activities. 3. Examples of movement building at MozFest.

  5. Small groups: What activities will you be doing over the next week, month, or year to contribute to internet health?

  6. Wrap up. Final go round - what is your take-away from this session.

Great session! Is there further discussion post MozFest?

Notes from the session

Based on what the participants experienced at MozFest (sessions, etc) here are actions they will take to contribute to Internet Health.


  • Practice better self-care
  • Put in practice
  • keep in discussion with the facilitator
  • Somehow, become more involved in MozFest.
  • Join the ‘whose knowledge’ email list and pay attention
  • Get involved with the transformative justice movement and see how these issues can be tackled.
  • Further implementations for this personal data storage/collaborations with own skill sharing initiative
  • Say no sometimes

Friends & Family

  • one-to-one preach -> tell others what I’ve heard
  • delete facebook completely
  • empathise more with people I might not have much in common at a first glance
  • Board/game used to educate about internet health/privacy
  • Be an intentional bridge builder
  • Build networks & connect with others who are different more intentionally
  • Social network analysis - research in effective community influencing
  • Spread the word about the Yogyakarta Principles through social media & reporting.

Wider local (work, school, neighbours)

  • Ethics and tech reading list
  • Continue to embed on ethics approach in my projects, training, etc.
  • Hold my coworkers’ hostage at lunch and learns where I talk about ethics, inclusion and sociocracy.
  • Use some of the approaches or ideas I’ve encountered in my own work.
  • Use the structure and tools provided by first feminist principles in my work on Wikipedia


  • Help develop an open events manual
  • Think about how internet health movement can work with UN agencies.

Things you’d like to do before the next mozfest

  • Connect Mozilla people to UN people I know
  • More bridge building for learning!
  • Start a new project around transformative justice
  • Communicate these ideas to people outside of this space
  • facilitate conversations between people who are very different
  • Organise lunch & learns in workplace
  • Talk about applying ethical thinking to workplace/product development
  • How can mental health and internet health interconnect in a prosperous way
  • Help my daughter to become a critical & health active citizen of the internet, when she develops her own agency online.
  • Use the structure and tools provided by first feminist principles in my work on Wikipedia.
  • Facilitate the “Design Your App” workshop, where we teach kids on Design Thinking = think the way you are doing something and & empathising with people. It was targetted to kids but design thinking could be applied to solve any complex problem at any age.
  • look to find an intersection between higher education and internet health.
  • Identify dev-or-tech focused sessions with a check on schedule, vs more tech adjacent sessions.

We finished the session with a go-round where participants shared what they felt would be their immediate actions when they get home.

  • Help our children become critical users w/ agency
  • Share new learnings / family re: Internet & Social Media addiction; develop common vocals
  • Review my notes and highlight key things to show at work in and in personal life; prioritise items to share.
  • Tell my colleague what I learned; review my own internet safety habits and learn how to be safe now.
  • Write a tweet thread about new learnings like feminist principles of the internet
  • Review my notes and notes from other sessions; think about how to communicate these ideas to people outside this community
  • Thanks the people I learned from
  • Broaden networks of people I connect to include other open organisations
  • Review schedule and book to learn more about what I missed.
  • Follow a bunch of people on twitter
  • Send out newsletter
  • Type up and share these notes. Follow up with facilitators
  • Connect this work to MF 2020.