Cannot add a new author

We have a new developer on our team and I am trying to add them as an author on the addon, but there does not seem to be an option to add new authors. The only option is to click on “X” to remove an existing member. According to the documentation/info you should be able to add any number of authors in one of two roles:

Add-ons can have any number of authors with 2 possible roles:

  • Owner: Can manage all aspects of the add-on’s listing, including adding and removing other authors
  • Developer: Can manage all aspects of the add-on’s listing, except for adding and removing other authors
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Hey @eroberts! It looks like we introduced a bug that prevents owners from adding new developers to their extensions during a recent update. This issue has been filed and we’re working on a fix for this – hopefully it will be up soon!

Thanks for the update!

Hello - I am attempting to add a new Author and I receive a red triangle error with no explanation.

Hi @giveWater, sorry to hear about that. What is the name of the extension? Can you also share a screenshot?

Just thought I add this since I ran into a similar situation. When trying to add an author I also received a red triangle with no error message. However, when I inspected the element, the error message was included on the title attribute.

Hi @James_Vogner, sorry for the inconvenience. Could you file an issue with this info so our team can look into it?