Common Voice Android (unofficial app)

Why don’t you try and help where there is help wanted labels on Github ? Someone with Android knowledge would be useful there, instead of re-inventing a rectangular wheel and asking for others to make it round ?

@Sav22999 There could also be legal issues, since third-party apps does not allows us to ensure proper agreement from end-user regarding data collection, and thus it is a legal threat and would make those data not redistribuable.


Thanks @Sav22999 for opening this topic. It seems clear to me that there are a few issues with our mobile version that have lead you to create your own app to solve them.

I really appreciate your interest and effort, and since you already have listed in this topic a few of them, it would be extremely beneficial to the project if you can fill them as github issues, indicating the browser and android version you used. I suggest we continue the technical and debugging conversation in each issue for better visibility and order.

We definitely want to improve the experience on Android and in 2020 we want to do so by enabling some Progressive Web Apps (PWA) capabilities to the site and fixing any glitches on the mobile UX people with diverse devices and Android versions might find.

By improving the mobile web experience we will directly impact thousands of contributors that currently using it, and you can help us here with your feedback.

Thank you again! :smiley:


@nukeador You’re very polite, and I understand you want to focus your forces on the website and to improve it. I’ve started to develop this app both my necessary and others also. I really like CV and so I thought to develop a free, open-source and multi-languages app for android (because for iOS already exists).
Instead of reject ideas of volunteers I think you should encourage them. United we stand, divided we fall. Of course this is my opinion.
I will report all bugs I’ll find on the website too, so you can solve them. :smiley:

In addition, just to inform you, I’ve implemented the “Accept Terms” at the start of the first-run of the app, so shouldn’t be any others legal issues, right?

I don’t want to stop people from innovating and helping the project coming up with new ideas, anyone is free to do so. But I just wanted to signal the Common Voice team feeling on best use of time right now and our focus in terms of supported tools for voice contribution.

Last thing we want is contributors feeling frustrated in the future if a non-supported tool is not able to work perfectly or due dataset quality requirements in 2020 we have to change how the API operates (not saying we will, but that’s a possibility).



I think from the community perspective and mobilization and considering the fact that we are now using CV in the third world countries. Personally from experience even as we run ads on media to engage people if we had a mobile app we would use less words to communicate. This is the fact.

The app now exists, it’s not official. Its name is “CV Android”, it’s for Android only.

There is a discussion Common Voice Android app: legal question about the logo and the name "Common Voice"

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Thanks for the hard work. Have read through all the threads and I have seen that the discussions have come a long way. I hope atleast now our voice donations go direct to the contributed dataset on CV. Unfortunately, my language (Luganda) is not yet supported in the app

@jmukiibi The Luganda language will be available, in the next release, also in the app. :slight_smile:


Thanks. I have seen it. So do the contributions go to the official CV dataset for Mozilla

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This Android App is amazing! I wish I knew of it sooner.

Main benefits:

  • Validation workflow is much more productive. Auto play is excellent! In the same time I can check double amount of recordings.
  • No need to wait for recordings to load. It happens in the background and I can focus on checking if they are correct
  • Recording quality seems better. Simply better and it does not crackle after some 50 recordings as it happens on the mobile version of the web
  • Recording workflow is better as to submit the recording I need to listen to my own recording.

Thanks for the good work and hope more people will try this great app!


Thank you very much :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Consider to share the app with friends and on your socials to spread the project and the app :muscle:


I was thankful to see that kind of a big turn, but in the end, I ended up disappointed because of in-app ads. Why someone who tries to help the project growth should see the distraction all the time?