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It was brought to my attention (thanks @lissyx) that some Common Voice communities have some specific needs in terms of infrastructure and operations that we haven’t considered in the past and it’s difficult for a new language to organize around the project in its own language.

I’m opening this topic to gather feedback and collect what needs/problems the local common voice communities are facing in order to have a defined list and be able to evaluate which kind of support we can offer.

Let’s try to frame the conversation about problems/needs rather than specific solutions.

For example:

  • In order to coordinate efforts we need a a way to have async conversations in our language.
  • In order to organize local events, we need a way we can track actions and current status/owners.
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That’s what I was talking with Alexandre. I’m leading a program here in Kabylia (Algeria) to boost the kab locale(localization, corpora, recording…)…
I’m thinking about simple things to offer to people while talking about CV as I did with Fx. I mean stickers, pines… and other stuff to encourage them.

I just gave a talk about opensrouce corpora with a short training on CV Web platform here in Kabylia. If I had something to offer, it would encourage people to contirubute.

Event organized last 02/03/2019

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Thanks for your feedback. Can you elaborate a bit more about the problems you are facing with contributions? What’s blocking people to contribute?

I would like to understand the problem without any solutions (stickers in this case) in mind, so we avoid being constrained by them.


I don’t mean problems. But some marketing actions to encourage them to join our effort.

So, if I understand correctly, you are looking for guidance on how to better promote the project locally in order to attract more people (I guess both for events and contribute) or is this also about getting people who attend the events to contribute more or after the event?

we will need a way to tell users “here you can found the local community”, or “here is the latest local event”. (Something similar to what we sometimes saw on Wikipedia page)

That is the route that we can approach our users, connect with them and in the end convert them into active contributors (besides contributing voice).

Perhaps a special link, point to the discourse topic of each language.

I’ll bump this topic.

@lissyx is this something you will be interested or have time to engage with other contributors to chime in here and provide more input? :slight_smile:


I’m interested, but I don’t really have time :confused:

Just few hints from the Italian community:

  • Share your event printing materials We shared our printing stuff but I think that is important to have for all the communities instead that everyone do on their own
  • We have organized a national sprint in May with now 4 different events confirmed and 2/3 waiting for confirm but is not easy to reach other cities where we arent’t. I don’t know what can do mozilla for that but maybe some promotion in language on national newspaper can be an idea
  • Have a page only with statistics for a language like a counter can be helpful in events and for promotion, right now we have to do manually, scroll the homepage, select the language in the 2 boxes and after a while refresh and repeat
  • There are no demo of deepspeech to let people understand how much is powerful and also the dataset are not updates since february
  • We want to do prizes based on recording/reviews so we are using our stock of swag (also old stuff)
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That’s also something I have suggested / asked, I think it was being addressed.

I posted an issue for something similar a while back:

We plan to run a new experiment about these kind referrals in the coming months. The app dev team will update with more info over here soon.

  1. Any way to have synchronous conversation with the team from Mozilla ?
  2. A role for a user in a community who knows the current statuses of donated voices from the community and any other actions.
  3. I am planning to have weekly competition (with prize distributions) in my community (Nepal) so swags/budgets for these type of program could be another way.

Hi @roshangm1

Could you elaborate a bit more your points describing the current problems you are facing or trying to solve for each point? And why they are important?

This will help everyone to fully understand context and where these requests are coming from.


I’m working on a way to help everyone with pronunciation remediation for free. The best way to do so is to produce a pull request changing the binary thumbs-up-good/thumbs-down-bad feedback for likely exemplary pronunciations into transcription requests for subpar pronunciations. Please join the Spoken Language Interest Group of the IEEE Learning Technologies Standards Committee at and follow the main Discourse topic at: Intelligibility remediation

Thank you!